Sunday, March 30, 2014

Harris Questions

Guest Post
Subburaj is one of my best friend. He is father of Harris. He shared few smart questions which was asked by Harris. I thought of Sharing this in my blog and hence so.
Conversation between Subburaj and Harris as follows.
Question 1:
Harris: How mouth is speaking ?
Subburaj: Because mouth has Tongue. it speaks. Subbu also demonstrated with his mouth about difficulty (impossibility) in Speaking if Tongue does not move inside mouth.
Harris: (Looks convinced, but not fully). Okay. Then why Animals are not speaking though it has Mouth and Tongue?
Subburaj: Started blinking like me and he replied that " God does not bless them for speaking ability".
Harris: Then i pray to god for animals. so they can speech.

Question 2:
Subbu is driving, Harris is also with him. Conversation as below when Subbu stopped his bike due to Traffic Signal (Signal is faulty, hence Commuters followed Signal by understanding)
Harris: Signal should be either Red, green or Amber. But here, why all are on?
Subbu: Signal is faulty. Thats why?
Harris: Faulty means, nothing should be ON. hey, you are lying....
Subbu: Aaramichutanda...Blinking and started bike....