Saturday, March 22, 2014

Papaya "Stolen"

Abhinav planted many plants in Garden Viz Papaya tree,Chilli, Solanum nigrum (மனத்தக்காளி), Jasmine, Neem...etc He is so caring on those plants. he used to go near by and talk to them. He like watering those. On Lazy days, I used to replace him for watering plants.
Papaya grown really fast. Refer below picture.
Today somebody stolen the circled papaya and Abhinav felt very bad. Abhinav wants to put them in jail who took his papaya.

Ps: he cared the plant and loss of fruit is intolerable for him. Parents cared 20+ years on their daughter and if somebody took her by the word "LOVE". How parents will feel? Think about it. If he really loved her, Convince the parent and Marry her. Running is really BAD decision.