Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Smoking Kills

Very alarming chart. Indian Adults are killing their lungs faster than Western countries. How it is possible for China to get First Place for every survey?
Quit Smoking Early and gain back your Life to enjoy with loved ones.
Source: Livemint and Google

Thursday, October 13, 2016

What is the State of Electron ?

Abhinaelectronsv is preparing for NSO exam. I find NSO questions are very tough for his age and Why they are farming such a difficult things. at the age of 6, their brain itself is under development with lot of inputs from surroundings and self learning. Me and Priya got stuck for few questions and referred Google for the right answers. The another problem is lack of Science vocabulary which is slowing down the Abhinav pace. I have to blame NSO for their rush and more loading to Children. electron-motion
For some explanation, Abhinva paused me and asked below questions.
What is the state of Electron?
What  makes up Electron?
I was really shocked because i never crossed these questions in my life and i found his question is very fundamental and i even dont know it. I felt very shame. 
Google gave me few answers which i cant explain easily to Abhinav because it will become base for many questions. But i will try to tell him in easy way.
  • Electron is subatomic & elementary particle which behave as particle and wave
  •  "State" is not applicable to Subatomic particle
  • A thermodynamic state (such as solid,liquid or gas)  is determined by combined statistical interaction of many particles. Individual Particle does not have well defined properties even the Temperature. Only collection of particles can have properties 
  • A state is a property of the way the atoms are arranged, and a single electron cannot be arranged.
  • Nobody knows what makes up electron

PS: It is been a month, i did not update the blog. Lazy disease has no medicine. 
Image Courtesy: Google.