Monday, March 17, 2014

Do I have Long Hand? Girls Act?

Long Hand

It happened during Last Saturday when me and Abhinav were having our Recreation time at Park. Abhinav and My Mom had conversation on mobile. Excerpts of Conversation below.

Abhinav : We bought Laddu and Jilabi in Saravana bhavan Sweet Stall. I saw Big Laddu in stall.
My Mom : Abhinav, I also want it. Can you give?
Abhinav : You are in Andipatti. How can I give from Chennai? Do I have that much long hand to give Laddu from here? You come here, i will give....
My Mom : Lauging on his innocence. (Feeling Happy)

Girls Act
Conversation continued on Mobile.

Abhinav : what Gokul is doing? (Gokul is my Younger Bro)
My Mom : He is Ironing his Shirt.
Abhinav : Ironing is Girls Activity. Why he is doing? Abhinav Giggled and he also told that " Is Gokul a Girl?"....ha ha ha
My Mom : Blinking what to answer.....And..At your house your mom is helping your father. But here i dont know how to Iron? So Gokul is Doing.

My Mom is trying to educate him that it is not girls job. it is common job. But abhinav did not listen to her.

PS: Kids are Memorizing each act and visuals " How it happened?" and it forms their base. If any wrong base, it certainly impacts in near future.