Saturday, March 29, 2014

" Do Work Properly Daddy"

Summer Vacation:
From March 20, Abhinav is having Summer Vacation until June first week. It is a wonderful time for kids. Abhinav is enjoying at Indoor and Outdoor based on time. Lets come to the Point.
During his School days, Abhinav and Priya Used to Leave home before me. Conversation will be like this while leaving house.

Me: Bye Abhinav ! Bye Priya !
Me: Abhinav, Please do Study Properly and Enjoy the day with your friends.
Abhinav: Bye daddy !
Since Summer Vacation, I (only) leave home: Conversation will be like this while I am leaving house.
Abhinav: Bye Daddy !
Abhinav: Do Work Properly !
Me: Silently accepting his advice and " Bye Abhinav, Enjoy your day "

PS: What you sow is what you reap.