Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What is L&T?

I am Trapped

Abhinav asked me to miss office for a day. I told him that i will not get salary if I am not regular to Office.

Abhinav: What is Salary?
Me : Salary means Money which we get monthly for working in office.
Abhinav: Who gives your Salary? daddy!!
Me : L&T pays my salary.
Abhinav: L&T is one display in front of your office. How it will give Salary?
Me : OoHh. So i changed to " My Boss gives me Salary "
Abhinav: Whether Boss sits near to you?
Me : Nope. he sits little far from my place (Since abhinav visited my cubicle once, he knows where i sits in office)
Abhinav: is your Boss big or small?
Me : I replied He is Big?
Abhinav: replied with Laugh, So your Boss eats more food...Ha ha ha...
Me : also joined with his laugh.

PS: One irresponsible reply from our side make big difference in Kids mind. So we should not silly in answering. Even, if they dont understand, we should explain it properly and patiently. Kids are building their Information archive. it should be free from flaws.