Thursday, March 27, 2014

They became Uncles

Brothers and Uncles
Yesterday we had Sudden Voltage drop at home around 930pm. Air conditioner went off, so me and abhinav went outside to enjoy Stars. My neighbours also came outside.
So we were having chit-chat and talking about politics, Office work .....etc (you know it ). Abhinav was with me with non active listening mode & jumping around. Thank God Power came to normal condition and eventually i said Good Night (bye :)) to neighbour. But Abhinav kept his silent and failed to say Good night.

I asked Abhinav during bedtime " Why you did not say "Good Night" to Annas (brothers - they are neighbours). Abhinav said Quickly that " they are not Annas (brothers). Since they finished college, they are Uncles.
I smiled and tried to educate him the difference between Brothers and uncles. But he is adamant. His brain is tuned to " Brothers are School going persons", "Uncles are College going or office going persons"

Night Sky - Abhinav Enjoys Astronomy after his visit to " Birla Planetarium, Chennai"