Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Abhinav's Vision

School Fee
Abhinav is received a letter from his school which is Promotion card and Fee Payment details for UKG. He is so happy that he has grown to become UKG student. So Priya and Abhinav went yesterday to pay Fee. Since his School advised to pay only by cash ( No cheques, No Card Swipe, No Demand Draft, No Money Order). Total fee for UKG (Upper Kindergarten) is Rs.31500. So Abhinav witnessed the payment of that much money to school.

Today Morning, I asked him , "Did you pay the fee for School?".
He Said yes daddy and Fee is more than my piggy bank money.
Also he replied that he will build one school after he grown up. School name would be Nayana Vidyasram where no fees will be collected. He told in firm voice.

I felt so Proud that " 4 Year old kid has got vision based on real events". My vision is so selfish that i want to have Good life, Save good money for my kid and My retirement.

PS: For Rs. 31,500, School will give only around 10000 as Fee Receipt (after 6 months). Day Robbery and nobody questions them including me. Somebody did and their kids are expelled from school on Discipline front.