Wednesday, March 5, 2014


"ஆப்பு " (Aappu )- By Abhinav

Me and Abhinav was in position to receive his grand mother from Chennai Centeral station yesterday. While walking towards Bus Stop, I was talking to him that " we should catch bus, otherwise "Aappu" & Like last time we missed the Train due to Delayed Bus Service". Then i was showing him Police checking for license on the way.

Abhinav: What you mean by Aappu?
Me: Laughed and asked him How did you know this word?
Abhinav: Daddy, You only said while you were talking about bus
Me: (thinking, do i explain or will he grasp...)

Reached Bus stop. And waiting for 17M to Reach Central Railway station. First 27G crossed us and i kept quiet & awaiting for 17M.

Abhinav: We both have "Aappu" di. because you did not board the bus (27G).
Me: as usual Blinking and feeling proud.

PS: Somehow we reached station on time, but Shatabdi was late by 40 minutes.

Abhinav @ Central Station