Monday, June 30, 2014

Guindy National Park

Abhinav's One of the " Good Feel" hangout place. He loves to speak with Animals and feeds few grass and Leafs to Deers occasionally ( Strictly prohibited for feeding).

Few of Interesting Conversations:

I was showing Owl Cage and explaining to him.

Me: Owl can have 360 degree view because their neck supports. See, it rotates its neck.
Abhinav: Right Daddy. i saw it.
Abhinav: But Owls are supposed to wake up only Night....Why it is wake up now and seeing us.....
Me: What a tricky question....( me feeling of " Kill the Textbooks")
Priya: Since we are speaking loudly and it is disturbing them for sleeping at day time.
Abhinav: haaan ....hmmm....hmmm...

I was showing Snakes and White Rats and explaining to him.

Me: Snakes likes to eat Rat, Frog ....etc.
Me: You see these white rats are meant for Snakes. Thats why they are growing them.
Abhinav Where are the frogs then????
Me: Oh..God.

Thanks to Priya for Arranging " Tamarind rice, Tomato Rice and Curd Rice...of course Chips and Biscuits to Bite....

Few Pictures:
Background Pelican, Flamingo and Crane

Abhinav as God ( snake as Umbrella)

Feeding Sambar Deer..( Deer Licked Abhinav hands fully....Fearless Abhinav)

Always trying Tough routes and succeeds it ( Avoided easy route of stair case)

Abhinav's Most Favorite

Wanted to Climb tree....( I did some favor)

Posing on top of Elephant Slide

Peacock hinted us " Its going to rain" ( It did and smashed the Building in Moulivakkam...12 storied building...big collapse)

Under Construction Cave

Feast Time for all Deers

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Following Amazon's Trail

Flipkart is going Big:

Flipkart Acquires Myntra and Now it is set to Follow "Amazon's Suucess Trail in USA" in India. Today i received an email from Flipkart which is shared below. Flipkart has bright future and it is good to apply for their shares if it comes for IPO.

Dear customer,

Love shopping on Flipkart? Say goodbye to shipping charges & get access to priority service!

At just Rs. 500 for one full year's subscription to Flipkart First, a whole raft of benefits awaits you.


Free Standard Shipping
Free In-a-Day Guarantee Delivery
Priority Customer Service
Discounted Same-Day Delivery at Rs. 70
all for a yearly fee of Rs. 500.

PS : topic is not fit for the Blog meant for. But i am tempted to share it.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Quote of the Day

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something” - Anon

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Who is father of Lord Shiva?

We went to Lord Murugan Temple where Drawings of Arupadai Vedu Mentioned. As usual Abhinav started questioning.
I told Lord Shiva is Father of Lord Muruga.

Quickly He asked again, " who is the father of Lord Shiva?"

I tried to explain that He is " The Beginning ". But His rationale brain and age is not in position to accept my answer !!!

Savings Account

What's there in Heading? Everybody Knows it. Right.
Today is one of the Golden day for Abhinav who opened his Savings Account in IDBI bank. Now the Heading creates some noises in your Mind. How come 4 year old kid can have account !!! thanks to RBI and Technology for providing those facilities.

If you want to have Kids Savings account for your Childrens, there are plenty of options available. But i prefer to take Route of PSU banks not for their Bureaucratic Nature ( not all). Because Minimum Balance and Cost of overall Account Maintenance is Minimal than Other Luxury Banks ( Kotak, ICICI...etc). Also, IDBI is just few meters away from my House.

IDBI has Womens Savings Account with Good features. Along with the same account, You can have TWO Zero Balance Kids account linked with until they are Major.
Details: Link for the PDF

(Excerpts from IDBI Website)
Woman Savings Account | SuperShakti Women Account
IDBI Bank is introducing a special savings account for women, which we have coined as SuperShakti women account. Along with this, we are also offering a zero balance savings account absolutely free for her child below the age of eighteen years.

IDBI Bank SuperShakti (Women’s) Account Advantages

Zero Balance savings account
Two free accounts for their children below the age of eighteen years
Simple Documents
Faster transfer of funds
Online options to pay your bills or tax

IDBI Bank SuperShakti (Women’s) Account Features and Benefits

AQB- Rs. 5,000/- (for Tier- A Branch) & Rs. 2,500/- (Tier- B Branch)
No charges for non maintenance of AQB
Two zero balance account for your child below the age of 18 years
Auto Sweep out / sweep in facility above Rs. 15,000
Specially designed Women’s International ATM cum Debit card.
Higher ATM cash withdrawal Limits- Rs. 40,000/- per day
Personalized PAP Cheque Book
25% discount* on Locker services
50% discount on Demat AMC
Free Statement by e-mail
Free amount transfer from Net Banking
Free ten transaction at other Bank ATM
Free Setting up of standing instructions
Free DD / PO cancellation

*Condition apply

Understanding Investments

Online Course:

In below link, they are offering free online course about Basics of Investments. The course is really good those are not aware of Mutual fund, bond, Stock, Equity, Risks involved, Returns ….etc on fundamentals. If you are interested you can join and participate in the course; finally they may present Certificate of Participation.
It comes with Zero cost but it takes your time and efforts on study. Good to start with those are interested to take dip in financial ocean. You can spread to your friends also….

Three Days only left from today

Link for Registeration

(copy and pasted from Course link)
Key Content
The course will focus on the following learning objectives:
• Learn the role of financial institutions (Banks, Brokers, and Exchanges) in your personal investments
• Understand fundamentally how debt and equity are different and when to prefer one over other
• Uncover how risk and return are correlated, and how can you take knowledgeable investment decisions

About the course
This course aims to help you understand and navigate through the maze of various investment options. The 3 week intense online course focuses on understanding various financial instruments. In this course, we will discuss two methods for understanding risk and reward. The first comes from academic finance and is called capital asset pricing. The second one, a practitioner’s view, is the antithesis of capital asset pricing, and advocates coming up with an intrinsic appraisal of the value of the instrument and then purchasing it only when it is available at a significant discount to this appraisal.
We will cover the following topics in the three week online course with LIVE web sessions :
• Financial institutions and their roles
• Debt & Equity; bonds and stock
• Mutual Funds (Dividend & Growth)
• Risk return correlation
• Capital Asset Pricing

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Time-kill Event

Thirst to Basketball:

My Brother used to Gift lot of items to Abhinav whenever he visits him. Last time he gifted Kid's Basketball and Basket alike. Today morning I got sometime to arrange Basket alike on wall, so Abhinav can play with it. Somehow i did find someplace where ball can make minimal damage to surrounding. Abhinav is so eager in the morning to start with it because it has another flashback which i don't want to explain because it is his nasty behavior in his friend's birthday party yesterday.

After arrangements, I explained him about " How to stand, leg position, How to release ball?....etc". I shown him few times also. I did put Ball few times in pocket and Abhinav attempted & failed. He wanted to reduce the basket height. I strictly told that it is not right practice and asked him to keep trying.

He brought one Plastic Stool and he did it. Me and Priya laughed and told him again to practice it.

I failed intentionally few times and pocketed after it. Then he gained some confidence and he did it. Big pat on his back. He is so happy.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Red Light and Telephone Tower

Why do Telephone Tower has Red Light?

Abhinav and Me were preparing for Evening Walk and Play at park. While walking, he Questioned me " Why Telephone Tower has Red Light?"
I answered him that " Airplane and Helicopter must know the Tower and its height for not hitting them; Especially near Airports, Military and Air Force Area, Low flying zones should have this Red light"

Abhinav quickly asked " Why not Blue, Yellow?"
Though he may not understand the Physics about color and Wavelength, I still explained him. Red color has longer wavelength and scattering property is less compared to other colors. So it is easy for Pilots or whoever wants to see it even during foggy day. remaining colors get scattered by fog and Mist.

Interesting part is " After Play @ park, He questioned Priya for her knowhow about Red light on Tower?".

I am so happy for his understanding and asking right questions.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Gold Rush...Spouse Wait

Gold Trend last 3 months

If you observe Gold trend, Bull and bear are fighting each other for their dominance. Few months before it touched 3010 ( 22K, 1 gram price) because of RBI tight Rules, Fin ministry's interest on CAD as well as Global cues (Europe and Ukraine crisis). Below is the chart from March to June.

Spouse Long wait

Priya eagerly waited for Gold to correct below Rs 2600 for almost 5 months. Finally it touched that magical figure on 29-May-2014. I gave my word few months before that I will buy Long chain for you ( 30-40 grams range) provided if the price touches Rs 2600. So i was in position to keep my words and I did yesterday. I was behind her to go for Gold shops, but she was hinting me that It will slide further. But somehow my instinct says, it can't go further down below Rs 2400. If it does, it can go upto Rs 1800-2000 range.

We went to G.R.thanga Maligai, T.Nagar for buying Gold chain and we did. Below are few interesting moments happened at Shop.

1. Shop is crowded like Market. Like us, Many people put their anchor in that shop. Indians are always Indians.

2. Abhinav obsessed with Rings especially Platinum due to TV Ads. Abhinav is so adamant to buy that Gold Ring with Lion face on it. We were fine with it but we dropped due to 16.5% of Making charges. We bought him a silver ring and Priya tricked him that " it is Platinum". He is So happy. Somehow i am not happy on Foolishing him, I told him that it is a Silver ring. But he argued that I dont know anything about it. I did my part.

3. Selected Chain weight is 32.06 grams. Total Gold value is Rs 81476 based on Yesterday's Gold rate Rs 2539 per gram. Total Bill comes around Rs 90089 ( 8% wastage, Rs 1282 as making charge). After discussing with Floor Manager, Bill comes around Rs 89066 ( 7.5% Wastage and Rs 680 making charges). Again Bill influenced by My friend's Brother in Law who is working at GRT, Total Bill comes around Rs 87950 (7% Wastage and Nil Making charge).

4.We got One Travel bag, One Purse, One small cloth based Carry bag, One Cloth based suitcase as part of Chain Delivery.

5. Last but not the Least, I tried to Pay using my credit card. EDC responds with " Pls call Issu" which means I need to call Bank for approval. Very Embarrassing Situation, I called bank with lot of manual IVR options and understood that Based on my buying pattern, Citibank security team suspected as Fraud Transaction. Cleared my identity with Citibank and my payment also honored. I was in dilemma about feeling bad about Embarrassing situation or Feeling happy about my banker's proactiveness.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Kochadaiiyaan: The Legend

Ujjalya = Kochadaiiyaan:

First of all i just amused about the Numerology / Nameology behind Kochadaiiyaan title and Little worried. Saw the Movie and i thought of pen down my thoughts about it. Me and My friends had Big arguments about the movie due to mixed views from each person. Abhinav called the movie as "Ujjalya". May be the original nameology based name is so tough to pronounce, he made the name as simple for him to spell it out.

Below are the views from my friends and my comments in Red:
1. 3D and Graphics quality is not at all good : Very first movie in Indian cinema, so it would be experimental on commercial front though it is Rajini or somebody. $21M is total Budget where as Ice age @ $95M, Life of Pi @ $120M, Tin tin @ @130M cant be comparable. Kochadaiiyaan is just one fifth budget of Tin Tin, hence the Quality also. Upon Kochadaiiyaan success, Future projects will be lined -up.
2. Actor faces are not at all at par with original faces : Since we have been watching the Movie based on Original Actor's faces, it cant match real one with available budget. But still, the rest of character faces are little poor than Rajini, deepika and Nagesh.
3. No children based contents : this is very true. If 10 minutes of children based content, it would have been great pull for Kids crowd.
4. It does not meet the expectations : Expecting international quality is genuine; since Life of Pi, x - Men...etc graphics work were done at Chennai and Hyderabad. but Budget again plays a Role along with Director's Touch. Kochadaiiyaan Director is debut.
5. Very lengthy : True, Second half songs would have been edited to reduce the length. But it is still Musical treat from A.R.Rahman
Positive side
6. Storyline and Script is very good : KS Ravikumar done a wonderful job again. Perfect blend of Sentiment, Story, Action..etc
7. Back ground Music is too good : BG Music is another great HIT for the Movie. ARR done wonderful job too
8. Nice ending with Twist : Expecting Part -2 Director Madam

But Overall, I would rate Good.