Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wishing You a Very Happy Healthy & Wealthy New Year 2015

Warm Wishes

Senior Architect

Abhinav Celebrated his 5th Birthday on Dec 20, 2014 as per English Calender. (Coincidentally, his Birthday as per Nakshthra fell on Dec 25, 2014). Abhinav Birthday Guests are limited as per my Wife wish ( Kousik Family, Dharneesh Family, Poornesh, Akshaya Family, Jayshree & her Son). 

This Birthday was little Special due to My Mom's presence after his first Birthday Celebrations. Big Missing is My Bro.
He got Many Gifts; Out of it, he liked very much " Senior Architect " which is gifted by my beloved Brother.

Abhinav is crazy on Building blocks ( even at the age of 2) and his interest towards making new things is really amazing. 

Few of his making with Senior Architect:
Peacock Senior Architect

New Township (Villas, School with Ground, Park and Hospital)

Thiruvannamalai Temple

Guindy Children's Park
Few of his Old making

Effiel Tower with Kitchen Items
@ Hyderabad

Monday, December 29, 2014

Chess Playing

Though Abhinav had good chess board, But he interested to Learn only from last few weeks. He is so good in absorbing any thing which is based on Numbers. So Me and Priya started to Teach Chess on our own as rain check on his interest; Upon gauging, we may plan to send him to coach.

Courtesy: Google

Below are our Observations:
1. Abhinav learnt Total number of squares, Total White, Total Black, Total Chess Pieces and its Movements
2. He liked it more whenever we teach Piece movements by " Assuming ourself as Piece and stand on Floor tile"
3. He liked Rook More ( Dont know the reason)
4. He also very adamant in accepting game loss
5. Below are his Prerequisites before playing game with Priya

  • Check is fine But not " checkmate"
  • Don't cut my Knights
  • Dont use your Queen too much
6. He Cries lot if he loose the game

Courtesy: Google
But we are happy about his speed of learning  and some of his moves.

PS: It's not about Kings, Queens, and Rooks, but rather, quadrants and coordinates, thinking strategically and foreseeing consequences. It's about lines and angles, weighing options and making decisions. 
Abhinav will get it soon

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thiruvannamalai (One Day Picnic)

Lord Arunachaleswarar (Arunachala) Temple Visit

Started in Early Morning from Porur to Koyambedu (13-Dec-2014). Normally I used to book NTL/Fast Track, But this time I used OLA cab. Ola is very Punctual, Free Upgrade to Sedan, Very reasonable rate ( Rs 12/km) and Working GPS. One missing thing in OLA is " Card Payment". I Paid Rs 144 for the ride of 8.5 km with waiting charge of Rs 6. Started at 6am and reached Koyambedy 612am. Boarded bus ( No 122) after sipping very average Tea at Tea stall near by Thiruvannamalai Bus Platform. It is around 200 km travel to reach Lord Almighty Arunachala.
Courtesy: Google
Bus has tag of Express and the charge is Rs 110 for Adult ticket and Rs 55 for Child ticket. It stopped for breakfast after Tambaram around 8am. Food is not bad not good category but Rest Rooms are very horrible. We crossed Melmaruvatur around 9am, Dindivanam by 920am and Gingee by 1015am. We reached Thiruvannamalai by 1110am.
Priya and My Mom @ Raja Gopuram
Took Auto and reached Temple by 1130am. There is no chappel/shoe Stand. So we kept our sandals and shoes just near by shop at the entrance of Temple. Lord Arunachaleswarar Temple is so Big and around 25 Acres. Raja Gopuram is really mesmerising and we can spend atleast 30 minutes to see all beauty of Tower. Temple has privileges such as Special entry & Battery car for Elder and handicapped.
General Darshan and Rs 20 Darshan both are having rush and populated due to Right after thiru Karthigai deepam week and weekend spot ( Also Melmaruvatur Devotees). Fortunately, Temple remain open for the day without regular closure of 1230pm and Reopen at 330pm. Had Very good darshan in Privilege Queue and Took Temple Prasadam ( Laddu and Then Kulal). Weather was very pleasant and I would recommend to visit the temple in December period. Again took auto to reach Bus stand ( Auto Fare flat Rs 40).
Abhinav and My Dad
Abhinav rode Stone elephant with singing Elephant rhymes. The Fun part is " Author of Rhyme is Mr. Abhinav".
We had Lunch at Abirami Hotel Right opposite to Thiruvannamalai Bus stand. Meal was very good and service was moderate. Meal charge is Rs 58. We took Bus to Villupuram to go relative house and took train from villupuram to Chennai Egmore. While we are having dinner at Hot chips, I called Ola Cab for pickup. They are right on time and Reached Home around 1015pm.
Ancient Temples provide Divine experience and Feel of  "Light at the end of Tunnel".  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Which Diamond will break?

Raw Diamond
Me and Priya were explaining the Value and use of Diamond to Abhinav.

Priya explained
Ornamental use of Diamond where I did explain the use in Glass Cutting and Rock Drilling.

Also Explained to him about the Hard nature, Scarcity, Carbon nature ( by comparing with carbon waste after burn), Duplicate Diamond making ( synthetic)  and Price of Original Diamond.

Abhinav's questions:

1. Daddy,  You told me that Diamond is used for cutting other Diamond. While Cutting, Which Diamond will break?

2. Can we install Synthetic Diamond machine at home to make lot of Diamonds for play?

Me and Priya being proud about him......

Monday, December 15, 2014

What they are selling?

Advertisement Knowledge

Usually Kids like advertisements because of its rich colours (eye catchy), likeable background music & lyric (easy to hum) and short story/event (easy to remember).

The below advertisement is recent Lufthansa Airlines (German based) advertisement about their deep understanding of every country culture where they are flying. 

In this advertisement one elder person explains to his grandchild about his opinion on Germans and their food. But actually, young boy learnt that Lufthansa attendants wished him in Indian way and served Indian food to express their Indian cultural understanding.

Abhinav asked me “What they are selling?”
I replied him “How you know that they are selling something?”
Abhinav said “I know; Daddy”.
I answered him that they are advertising for Flight tickets to book in their flights.
He nodded with gesture of accepting answer.

I, Priya and My mummy were so happy about “Abhinav understanding on Advertisement which is meant for selling something“.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Drumstick Leave Adai and Magnet

I understand your surprise on the title which is bringing relation between two unrelated objects. Kids really derive relations from anything because their basics are very strong (if provided rightly). Abhinav proved the relation between Drumstick Leave and Magnet.

At our Home, we all enjoy Drumstick Leave Adai almost every week because of its Aroma, Taste, health benefits and Ease of availability. It can go with Ghee, Country Sugar and Avial. Sometime I eat just Adai without any side dish.

If I am right, the health benefit of Drumstick Leave Adai is Protein Rich (due to Cereals), Iron rich & Vitamin A (Drumstick Leave). It also helps in cleansing of Stomach.

Abhinav used to help his mother for plucking Drumstick leave from Drumstick tree in our street. Priya educated him by telling the health benefits.

Image Courtesy: Google
It happened that Abhinav took magnets and tried to check the affair of Magnet with his body. We told that it will not get attracted or reflected.

“Abhinav quickly answered I just got Iron from Drumstick Leave Adai, Magnet should get attraction with my Body”.

As usual, I have readymade answer of “Blinking”. We all Laughed and proud because Abhinav just derived relationship between Drumstick Leave Adai and Magnet.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why Not Teethpaste and Teethbrush?

I thought of resuming my Posts.

I am trying to remember events which happened during my bed rest time.

Event 1:

Abhinav was learning Singular and Plural. I was telling him as Eye & eyes, Ear & ears….
He asked Plural for Teeth. 

I said “ singular is Tooth and Plural is Teeth”.
In no time, He said , then why we are telling toothpaste, it should be teeth paste, teeth brush?
Because we are using for all tooth not one.

I was blinking and said” English is funny Language”. Actually I don't know.

Event 2:

Abhinav Knows about Six Fingers hand from his previous observation.
He was asking me yesterday night that “ What you call for Last small finger in Hand?”. 
I Said “ It is Little finger” and You know it Abhinav.
Then he asked what you call for Little finger if somebody has another Little finger (6th Finger)?

I was blinking as usual, and I need to learn Medical terms to answer that question….

Friday, October 31, 2014

Met with an accident

29th October is not good day for me.
I met with an accident and got multiple injuries and two fractures.
1. Left knee Tlbial spine avulsion #ć ACL sprain
2. Left hand 5th finger #ppx
Will resume blooging later.

Friday, October 24, 2014

தொண்ணுற்று பத்து

New Word Invention

Abhinav is super good in English Listening But He likes to talk 
only in Telugu @ Home and Tamil @ School. Abhinav has Flags, Numerals, Animals Poster on our living room walls ( My house Owner don't know L). 

I asked Abhinav to read Numerals in Tamil.( randomly picked 91 as starting numeral) 

He started to rad rightly as Ninety one, Ninety Two....Ninety Nine and Ninety Ten of course in Tamil He  said as " தொண்ணுற்று பத்து". Me and Priya laughed and Praised him for not telling " I don't Know". From Yesterday onwards "நூறு" is also called as " தொண்ணுற்று பத்து". Hundred is also called as " Ninety Ten".

Monday, October 20, 2014

“Madras Eye” & Abhinav

Chennai is experiencing the Power of North East Monsoon which is “On-time” as per MET Dept. Chill weather and Breeze is creating Deep love inside about Chennai climate suddenly. All previous 6 months vengeance on Chennai  turned to soft love spontaneously. Sun is also feeling shy and don’t want to come out of the shades of Dark Clouds.

Yesterday Priya and Abhinav shown symptoms of Conjunctivitis ( Madras Eye or Pink Eye). Both Person eyes were dark pink to reddish. Priya able to sustain and slowly it just vanished to very mild. But Abhinav was not able to Tolerate pain and “frequent mucus out especially after sleep”. In Our days, we used to buy 50 paisa use & throw drop which is available at OTC (over the counter). Yesterday, we visited  child specialist just behind our home and who prescribed Antibiotics and Vitamin A. Roamed around 5 pharmacy shops to get right drops and syrup.

Doctor explained that Conjunctivitis can happen due to Allergy ( dust, Pollen…etc), Bacteria( cause Madras eye / Pink eye, Mucus forming frequently) and virus. Allergy and Virus infection can heal on its own with proper hygiene and occasional cold water cleaning of eyes with proper doctor advice. Bacterial Conjunctivitis needs Diagnosis with Antibiotics. In all cases, the Healing time would be from 1 day to 4 days.

Total spending for Doctor consulting and Pharmacy bill is Rs 300. Amazing we were done with 50 paisa. In Future, say in another decade, it may raise to Rs 5000. J J J

Monday, October 13, 2014

Short Kanchi Trip

Kanchipuram is Full of Temples and has great history with fabulous Stone Marvels. There are many but few are "Must See" Category. But We had a chance to see only three Temples ( 1,4 and 5 in below list) last Saturday due to our delayed start. We planned to see one more time with all Temples coverage. We are blessed in a way because we have seen 4 Divya Desam on Purattasi Saturday.

Temple Maps Link here.

1. Sri Ekambareswara Temple

The most famous Siva temple at Kanchi is the Ekambareswara temple. The dimensions of this temple are reflected in its 20 - acre spread and its tall south gopuram which soars to a height of 58.5m. 2500 years old Mango tree is Stala Viruksham which is still worshipped.

Most of the Places, we see sepertae Shrine for Shiva and Parvathi. But here we see together in a single shrine. Also, the Shape of Lord Shiva is completely different from Other Shiva Temples. Siva linga said to be done and worshipped by Paravathi.

Sri Ekambareswara Temple
This modern panel tells the story of the sacred site on which the temple was built. In the picture, Kamakshi clings to the "earth linga" as the river Ganges threatens but fails to wash it away during a flood. Kamakshi, which means "Wanton-eyed," is one of the names of Parvati, the consort of Shiva. The linga is of course Shiva's emblem, and Ganges is the Milky Way, the starry river that flows through Shiva's hair on her way to water the Earth.

Shiva overlooks the scene from his home in the Himalayas. To the right is the mango tree under which Shiva and Kamakshi were married. It houses various animals: a salamander climbing the trunk, a snake above, a peacock (small and hard to see) perching on the lower left branch, a squirrel above the peacock, a monkey above the snake. The temple is pictured in elevation to the right of the tree, while Ganges flows from the mountains down the left side of the photo and around underneath Kamakshi's feet. The earth linga and mango tree pictured here are actual physical objects, around which the legend has grown. The linga is installed in the temple's main shrine, while a courtyard inside the temple encloses the mango.

2. Sri Kailasanatha Temple
Kailasanathar Temple
Kailasnathar Temple is built by the Pallava Dynasty during the first quarter of the eighth century. The temple is built of red sandstone and has innumerable carvings of Pallva art, of which the Urdhva Thandava dance of  Siva and the laughing face of Parvathi are worth seeing. The architechture of this temple resembles the shore temple at Mamallapuram

3. Sri Varadharaja Perumal Temple
Varadharaja Perumal Temple
The centre of attraction in Vishnu Kanchi is the temple of varadarajaswamy situated on the top of Hastigiri or Elephant Hill.The Vijayanagar kings constructed this temple. The whole temple covers an area of about 23 acres. The sculptural beauty of the pillars is amazing. Ornamental rings carved out of single stone at the Four Corners of the mandapam in the form of a chain are a delightful spectacle

4. Sri Kamakshiamman Temple

Kanchi is sacred as one of the three Sakti peethas of India. Kamakshi is said to be the Supergoddess, Parasakti, having Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati as her eyes. She blesses all that dedicate themselves to her. The sanctum sanctorum faces southeast in the centre of Gayatri Mandapam. The tradition says that there was a delightful grove of Champaka trees around the main temple now known as Gayatri Mandaparn.

Dont Miss to see Aruba Lakshmi and Soundarya Lakshmi inside Gayatri Mandapam on both sides of Kamakshiamman. Also the Pillar where Dasarathan worshipped and got blessings for child birth; it is said to be Eyes/Back part of Goddess Sati Devi fallen here. 

5. Sri Ulagalandhar Temple

This vaishnava Temple was bulit in chola period .The main deity of this temple is 35 feet high and 24 feet wide posing with one foot on earth and the other on the sky. This form is called Trivikrama.This temple is one of the 108 Divya Desam's of Lord Vishnu

It is the Only One temple out of 108 divya desam which has 4 diva Desam in a single temple.

6. Sri Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple
This temple of Vijayaraghava Perumal is one of the 108 Divyadesams where Lord Rama is said to have performed the funeral rites for Jatayu, the giant bird which valiantly fought to prevent Ravana from abducting Sita, the wife of Lord Rama to Lanka.

7. Sri Vaikunda Perumal Temple
This temple is built by The Pallava ruler, Nandivarman in the seventh century AD.Sri Vaikunda Perumal temple is famous for its architecture. The Lord is in the sitting posture. The Goddess is known as Sri Vaikunthavalli Tayar. It has great sculptures and inscription which speak of its history and the history of the city itself. Its inner walls are decorated with lion shaped pillars.

And Many More. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Anybody Know Fish Kinger?

Last weekend, My Family along with Brother in Law Family (  to refine better - My Wife sister's Family ) paid a visit to Guindy Children Park. Actual Plan was to go Kanchipuram Temple Visit; But due to necessity of Tatkal booking, Plan B is executed.

Dyslexia Words

Abhinav and his friends has a habit of reading reverse. if you ask him to point 31, he points to 13. if you ask him to read  the word CAT, he read as TAC. It happens say 20% of the time. Most of the Parents think that it may be Dyslexia. But it is not. If Reversal reading and writing happens most of the times, then better consult with Doctor. Also take feedback from Class teacher which will solidify it. Since Kids will develop their Motor Skills, Eye hand coordination skills....etc. in course of time, during that stage, it often happens. But parents should be vigilant enough to monitor it.

Spoon Bill
Ohh...I deviated from my topic and started writing about Medical stuff which i don't know  much. In Guindy Park, Abhinav Spotted " Spoon Bill catching the Fish for her breakfast" and started to tell its name as " hmmmmmm....suddenly   Fish Kinger !!!". 

He pushed his brain to work hard to get the name he remembers...But It is unfortunate that he got name wrongly. But Oxford should be happy enough to file " another new word in english i.e Fish Kinger".

King fisher becomes Fish Kinger !!!  

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Why We are not falling off from earth?

Abhinav Teacher taught about Volcano, Earth...etc in his Class. Me and Priya Explaining more about volcano. Below is the Conversation.

Me:              If you dig earth, you will get water…then you will get Petrol/diesel ( Crude is little complex term now), Gas ….Some places it comes out naturally and it becomes volcano.

Abhinav:      What happens, If you dig more?
Me:              You will get to Center of Earth, where everything is Super hot.
Abhinav:      What happens, If you dig more?

Me:              With Little frustration, You will end up in America;
Abhinav:      If we are standing on top of earth, why we are not falling?

Why We are not falling off from earth?
Priya:           It is due to Earth Gravity. ( Conveyed as Magnetic Power for easy understanding)
Me:              I replied him that “ At you age, I don’t even know A,B,C….; because I was taught A,B,C…during my 3rd Standard only”

( thinking of Buying Big Encyclopedia; presently we have small. also The Hindu Speaks On Scientific Facts Book)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cost Cutting by Companies

I cant stop writing about the circular received from my Employer. Most of  India Based Traditional engineering Companies and Manufacturing Industries used to Subsidize Lunch and Hot Beverages such as Tea & Coffee. Even My Employer did almost similar as its peer level.

Lunch was Subsidized and charged to each employee of Rs 5 Whereas Tea & Coffee  Subsidized but with Nil Charges to Employee. Remaining Money will be paid by employer to Canteen Contractor.  

Cost Cutting

Yesterday circular reveals that " Employee has to bear Rs 10 Towards Meal, Re 1 Towards Each cup of Coffee/ Tea". Really shocking that " Tea & Coffee are chargeable though it is just 100 Paisa". 

In My Payslip, there will be many outgo. Term Insurance, Health Insurance, Food, Tea& Coffee are the few Outgo which Employee gets as benefits during Joining, Now it is on deductible way.

In Two/three decades, i am foreseeing Water will be Heavily chargeable Item. It will be Biggest outgo than Tax....Refer Below Picture ( Courtesy: MoneyAisle TV) though it is little Outdated & $ terms. Companies are bearing the cost of Water; Will it in Future !!!

True Cost of Water

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Abhinav and me had Evening walk after a Long break ( Brother Marriage and Overseas Vacation….good I got some excuses). We found Trashes on street and I was commenting that “ Some bad boys thrown trash on street”. 

Abhinav Quickly replied “ Trash should be given to Trash Collector who comes in morning”. But Why Thatha ( Grandfather) throws Trash outside the shop? Is he bad boy?
I have no answers.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

(But in My village, Shop Trash will be kept on street in Night, Trash Collectors collects in the morning. House Trash will be given directly to Trash Collectors).

PM Shree Narendra Modi announced Swachh Bharat Abhiyan which is Clean India Campaign. Let’s all Participate and show our Spirit towards Cleanliness and It will be path for our next generation.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Experience


We had our Family Overseas Vacation Last week. It was much awaited and came to reality after Air Asia Announced their 5th Anniversary Offer on November 2013. My Daddy is most interested to see Singapore hence I Booked Tickets for Kuala Lumpur. Schedule Journey is on Sep 13-18, 2014. Yes It was big gap from the date of booking to date of Journey.
Real Experience

I booked 8 Tickets and we all set to go Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Then My Brother Marriage got Engaged and Booker another separate ticket for his fiancée. ( Before Marriage J ). I discussed with Make My Trip, Balmer Lawrie, Cox & Kings and Thomas Cook Also with Separate Tour Operators in Singapore & Kula Lumpur. I received Positive response from Balmer Lawrie, Cox & Kings and Local Abroad Tour Operators. I avoided Local Abroad Tour Operators due to Disconnect and Trust issue. Cox & Kings Quoted 30% higher than Balmer Lawrie for the same Itinerary. So I decided to go with Balmer Lawrie which is Govt of India Enterprise. We all applied for Visa and received the same with a suspense of uncertainty. We started our Tour on Sep 13, 2014.

Day 1 – Sep 13, 2014:
We are Total 9 persons but Two groups. One group is ( My bro and Bro Wife) going for their Honey Moon which is planned only in Malaysia. Another Group ( Me, Priya, Abhinav, My Mom, My dad, Priya’s Uncle and Priya’s Aunty) is going for their Overseas Vacation which is planned in Malaysia and Singapore. Our Air Asia flight took off on time and many of the group persons cleared their maiden flight / maiden overseas flight.
At Trichy Airport
Inside AirAsia Flight


We started at 925am from Trichy, India and reached 355pm at Kuala Lumpur. Meet and greet was missing but the fellow left with Welcome message and Driver contact number. Immediately got Malaysia Sim card from Maxis which is available at Airport arrivals gate. Maxis has good plans than cellcom. Driver took Meet and Greet responsibility and took us to Hotel. Honeymoon group went to Domestic Departure for their Langkawi flight. Driven Kannan explained well about his country, his origin, Palm tree, Putrjaya city and KL people & Life style. Even we talked about Real Estate….
We stayed in Hotel Sentral Pudu which is very near to Berjaya Times Square ( Big Mall, Mono station, Singapore Coach Pick up place….).
View From Room

At Berjaya Times Square

Selfie @ Room

Room is really good and neat & We had better View. Had dinner in Muslim Restaurant near by Times Square.

Day 2 – Sep 14, 2014:
Hotel Breakfast  is like half European ( Corn flakes, Bread Toast, Coffee / Tea), Quarter Chinese & Malay. Had  breakfast for Stomach not for Tongue. My father had hard time to digest those food by seeing itself. Picked up at hotel for Singapore travel by Starmart Coach which is really good in terms of Big Seat with inbuilt Massager, Fully Air Conditioned and Very high suspension.
At Starmart Coach

Selfie @ Starmart

Reached Singapore by 315pm after exit immigration at Malaysia and Entry immigration at Singapore. Checked in at Hotel Cultural and left Luggage immediately for Sentosa Tour. My Friend Vignesh Kanna met us in Hotel with his wife and kid. He gave us Bag full of Snacks and Singapore currency for our Expenses. Cable Car ride enjoyed by all of us. It provided Hawkish view of Island. Then we had our Late Lunch at 430 in Subway ( luckily they had Veg Pattie). Under water world is really amazing place with different Sea Living things, Corals and  much more live species. Dolphin Lagoon is fantastic but it should be renamed as Sea Lion (Seal) Lagoon show.
On Travellator @ Underwate World 
Testing Shark Teeth

80% performance contribution by Two Sea Lions. 20% contributed by 3 Dolphins. Had some time at Beach station. Wings of Time is mix of Laser Show, Dancing fountains, Live Graphics Projection with theme/concept on open air where sea breeze hits us.
Wings of Time Show @ Sentosa Island

The Show was great though it began with little noisy. Had Superb dinner at Jewels of India Restaurant.

Day 3 – Sep 15, 2014:
After Hotel Breakfast, We all had Mini City tour Viz: Merlion Park in fulletron road, Singapore Office Buildings, F1 Race tracks & Stadium, China town, Little India and Shree Mari amma Temple ( Built 1827). Weather helped a lot to us for roaming around for Photo snaps.
At Merilion Park
So thirsty Abhinav
Taller than Skyscrapper
Shree Maha Mariamman Temple (1827)

Then we all reached Universal Studio, Singapore by 1130Am. It was already crowded and we were standing in Long Queue for each Rides. Though My Father and Priya Uncle & aunt are 60+ in their age, they all had fun with almost all rides. Total world in theme parks are 7 ( Hollywood, Sci-fi city, New york, Ancient Egypt, Lost world, far Far away and Madagascar).
Dino's Dentist
Infront of Far Far Away

Happy After Shrek 4D
Liberty of Statue @ Singapore

Despicable Pair
Universal Globe

 Abhinav had restriction on certain rides due to his height (102 vs required of 112). We all Enjoyed

Transformer 3D
Revenge of Mummy

TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The  Ultimate 3D Battle, Accelerator, Revenge of Mummy, Lights, Camera, Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, Canopy Flyer™, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure™, Shrek 4-D Adventure, Enchanted Airways, and Madagascar: A Crate Adventure. All rides are great and very thrilling and fun filled except Space chase. The great point is “ after 530pm, there are very very less participants in each ride and you can enjoy your favorite ride multiple times during this time”. Me, Priya and Abhinav enjoyed Transformer ride Twice. We all lost our energy almost and running on reserve J. Again Dinner at Jewels of India Restaurant at Little India, My Dad enjoyed “rasam as Soup”.

Day 4 – Sep 16, 2014:
We checked out Cultural Hotel, Singapore and dropped at Starmart Coach Station @ Golden Mile Complex. Abhinav ticket was forcefully bought due to his age above 2 years, finally it was reimbursed by my Malaysia Tour agent.
Relaxing between Long Stretch

The journey was faster than onward and reached 120pm 2 Kuala Lumpur. Immigration at both countries went faster. But Our Taxi failed to pick up us on time. Had Lunch at Same Muslim Restaurant. My bro and his wife joined us from their Langkawi trip. Relaxed at Hotel Sentral Pudu for a while and we started our Kuala Lumpur Night Tour. We spent some time in China Town, Shree Mari Amman Temple, KL Tower and Petronas Tower. We had our dinner at Atmosphere 360  Revolving restaurant which is at KL Tower ( 250m above ground).
KL Tower @ Night View
Petronas @ Night View
Scallop, Mussel and Salmon @ Atmosphere 360 

Mari Amman Temple, Singapore
Prawns Ready to Go

After Dinner @ Revolving Resturant
Taller than Petronas

All elevators shows your floor Number whereas here it shows in Meters J. Abhinav and Me enjoyed Mussel, Scallop, Oyester, Tiger Prawn, Salmon and Crab at restaurant which provided hawkish view of Kuala Lumpur City and its beauty. Took 30 minutes at Petronas Tower Photo shoot. Reached hotel at 1110PM.

Day 5 – Sep 17, 2014:
We started for Bathu Caves and Genting Highlands. Reached 400 million years old Bathu Caves by 11AM and My Mom decided not to climb 350 steps due to her joint pain. Monkeys robbed many peoples water bottle, Banana, Flowers…etc. 42.7m tall Lord Murugan reveals his calmness and beauty. The Mountain is very steep and really exhausted upon climbing. We all had good darshan and blessings from Lord Murugan.
Abhinav with Traditional Costume
Lord Murugan @ Bathu Caves

Inside the Cave
After Darshan @ Dark Cave Entry

Abhinav played with Pigeon herd by chasing , feeding and touching. Then we started for genting Highlands, stopped at another Muslim restaurant for Lunch. We all had Dosa. Genting is 1800 meters of elevation and we stopped for Asia’s Longest Cable car which is 3.38Km Long with Scenic View of Misty Mountains at throw away price of just 6 ringgits. Then Abhinav enjoyed all Indoor theme park rides and we all had fun in Snow world which is maintained at -5°C. Since my Mom interested in Monorail Journey, we were dropped at End station of MonoRail and had Complete ride on it. It was very good upto two stops then, It becomes fully crowded. We spent some time in Berjaya Times Square mall and did some shopping.
Awaiting for Our Cabin
Inside Skyway

Selfie @ First World
@ Snow world
@ Berjaya Times Square Mall

We had Dinner at same Muslim restaurant. Slept at Hotel for our early wakeup due to Early Morning flight.

Day 6 – Sep 18, 2014:
We were dropped at KLIA2 Airport with packed breakfast from Hotel. Our Bottled waters are dropped in bin at Security clearance whereas Breakfast was allowed. We booked total weight of Luggage for 80KG; Actual Luggage weight is at 79.3KG. Enjoyed our flight from KL to Trichy. Landed on time but with jerky landing.

View from UtchiPillayar Temple
So Happy After seeing his Favourite God

Spent two days (Sep 18 and 19)  in Trichy by visiting following temples.

  • Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Thirupattur 
  • Samyapuram Mariamman Temple
  • Sri Rangam Rangamannar
  • Thiruvanaika Temple ( Neer Sthalam)
  • Thaymanuvar Temple
  • Utchi Pillayar Temple
Reached Chennai on Sep 20, 2014 by Rockfort Express.