Monday, July 28, 2014

Just One Nose- Mummy

Abhinav got cold from School / his classmate ( I guess). He has Tonsillitis issue (May be hereditary, My Mom, Me and My Bro all had Tonsillitis); He is very prone to cold if somebody sneezes, water change...etc. We are trying to increase his immunity by Honey, Tulsi and pepper...etc. Let’s come to real Fun dialogue.

Abhinav is very lazy for cleaning his running nose. Priya has to chase every time for cleanup of his nasal congestion and also for applying Vicks on his nose. During clean up, Priya mistakenly told that " This nose is cleaned now; Show me other Nose".

Abhinav replied in no time, Amma I am having just one nose which has two holes; so do not tell that "I am having two nose".