Saturday, July 5, 2014

Calcium Supplement and Kidney Stone

Me and Priya had Annual Health Checkup at Sri Ramachandra Hospital last month ( Thanks to L&T's care on employee and their family, but I wonder why L&T did not care about Abhinav :))
Both are having Normal profile...Nothing is alarming....But For me, I am having marginally poor LDL & HDL ratio. So Doctor prescribed Xtor for reducing the bad FAT from Blood. Also Ortho recommended to increase my Calcium level and prescribed Calcium supplement and recommended to have Egg.

Since I am Fishtarian, I take only Veg and Sea foods; Strictly No EGG and hesitate to take Calcium Tablets. So My smart wife planned to increase my Tomato intake, Butter Milk and Milk intake. So She is preparing variety of Tomato based gravy. Yesterday she was preparing Concentrated Tomato based gravy for Crispy Dosa. Me and Abhinav happened to visit Kitchen during that time and I commented that " too much Tomato leads to Kidney stone" and we left Kitchen.

We sat together for Dinner and I was trying to feed Abhinav. Abhinav denied to take Tomato gravy and told me that " I do not want kidney stone". Why my grandfather took Tomato daily during his younger ages?

I was puzzled and told that " Why did you tell like that Abhinav?".

Abhinav Quickly replied " My grandfather had kidney stone which I remembered; You were sharing this with Doctor ( i did during my health checkup as part of Parental Disease history)". Me and Priya speechless for a moment and Surprised to see his sharp memory skill and Co-relation of the subjects.

PS: it happened to see in Google that " tomato is not in top 10 Calcium rich foods". it has just 1% of Calcium and 95% of Water. OMG....