Monday, July 7, 2014

Afraid of Cesarean

Priya's Friend commented that Abhinav is having resemblance of Girls face and He will be loved much more if he would have born Girl. Actually there is a saying, Boys who has Mothers face resemblance & Girls who has Father's face resemblance are very lucky ( Don't know the source of saying).

Priya shared her above conversation with me yesterday.
Abhinav's face was changing and he quickly replied that " I will not be born as girl child "
Priya Asked Why?

Abhinav told " if i would be Girl child, After i grow, Then my stomach will be cut for Baby birth".
Me and Priya were blinking as usual. She do not have word to deny it because she passed all the pain.
There is also a fact in Google, Delivery pain is much higher than Burning alive in fire.