Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Home Lighting System - Solar Energy

Solar Powered Home Lighting System:

At our Andipatti House, Solar Powered Home Lighting system was installed on Nov 7, 2009. Today is 15th July 2014 which gives 1711 days of working and still working without any issues.
Under Employee Scheme, I bought 40W Tata Power Solar (previously Tata BP Solar), Charge Controller, Battery, 1 ltr of Sulphuric Acid ( for refilling the Acid in Battery)and Four numbers of DC based CFL lamps.

4 lamps are fixed at Hall, Kitchen, Bedroom and Rest Room. After 5 years of Battery operation, it gave up its charging capacity hence replaced by new Battery (March 2014). Other than that there is no Maintenance work. It works and it is healthily provides Green energy. So far I saved following things

1. 1 Ton of CO2 emission
2. It is also equivalent to 1 tree planted and grown 10 years
3. 100 Liters of Diesel ( necessary to produce equivalent Electrical Energy)
4. Ofcourse Money. But I installed on the face of Environmental not Financial

Solar Module ( Abhinav Standing near by)

Solar Charge Controller and New Battery

DC based CFL Bulbs (Actually 4...)

Feeling proud for Contribution towards Environment.