Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why not Mrs.Karthikraja

As usual, Yesterday I was telling Bed time story to Abhinav. And our talk branced out to many discussions and Mentoring.

Event 1:
Abhinav name is mentioned as " Master Abhinav"  in my Brother's Marriage Invitation. Abhinav asked me Why?

I replied that " Childs will have "Master"  and  Grown up Male will have "Mr";
 Grown up Female will have "Miss" and Grown up Married Female will have " Mrs".

Abhinav asked me immediately that " Why not Mrs. Karthikraja ?" because you are also Married. why Girls only will have Two different Titles?
I do not have answer?

Event 2:
I became " Muruga Raja"
Abhinav started asking me " Meaning of Names". He throws one name  and i have to reply the meaning...
Abhinav means " New, Creative...etc"
Priya means "Beautiful"
Revathy Means " Star Name"
Kumaresan means " Lord Muruga other name"
Karthikraja means - Karthik is another name of Lord Muruga, Raja means King. Suddenly he told me that You are " Muruga Raja"