Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kandha Sasti

I ask Abhinav to take away yesterday's Calendar page on every morning. And he used to ask me If there is any Picture and Why it is there also his Fortune of the day ( he belongs to Makara Rasi or Capricorn ). Today's Conversation as below.

Me: Abhi kutti, take away the Yesterday Calendar page
Abhinav removed and he saw Lord Muruga picture on today's page.
Abhinav: Daddy, Why Muruga picture is there? Is today his Birthday?
Me: I said No Abhi. Today is " Sasti viratham". That means, whoever worships Lord Muruga, they will do fasting.
Abhinav: Daddy, I worship and you too...we all went to Palani for my tonsure...Last week also we went to Kundrathur Muruga temple...Then do we do Fasting Today?
Me: As usual blinking and thinking " what to Reply?"
Me: Who ever worships only Muruga, they will do Fasting today. We worships all gods. so we can skip.