Monday, December 29, 2014

Chess Playing

Though Abhinav had good chess board, But he interested to Learn only from last few weeks. He is so good in absorbing any thing which is based on Numbers. So Me and Priya started to Teach Chess on our own as rain check on his interest; Upon gauging, we may plan to send him to coach.

Courtesy: Google

Below are our Observations:
1. Abhinav learnt Total number of squares, Total White, Total Black, Total Chess Pieces and its Movements
2. He liked it more whenever we teach Piece movements by " Assuming ourself as Piece and stand on Floor tile"
3. He liked Rook More ( Dont know the reason)
4. He also very adamant in accepting game loss
5. Below are his Prerequisites before playing game with Priya

  • Check is fine But not " checkmate"
  • Don't cut my Knights
  • Dont use your Queen too much
6. He Cries lot if he loose the game

Courtesy: Google
But we are happy about his speed of learning  and some of his moves.

PS: It's not about Kings, Queens, and Rooks, but rather, quadrants and coordinates, thinking strategically and foreseeing consequences. It's about lines and angles, weighing options and making decisions. 
Abhinav will get it soon