Friday, October 24, 2014

தொண்ணுற்று பத்து

New Word Invention

Abhinav is super good in English Listening But He likes to talk 
only in Telugu @ Home and Tamil @ School. Abhinav has Flags, Numerals, Animals Poster on our living room walls ( My house Owner don't know L). 

I asked Abhinav to read Numerals in Tamil.( randomly picked 91 as starting numeral) 

He started to rad rightly as Ninety one, Ninety Two....Ninety Nine and Ninety Ten of course in Tamil He  said as " தொண்ணுற்று பத்து". Me and Priya laughed and Praised him for not telling " I don't Know". From Yesterday onwards "நூறு" is also called as " தொண்ணுற்று பத்து". Hundred is also called as " Ninety Ten".