Monday, December 15, 2014

What they are selling?

Advertisement Knowledge

Usually Kids like advertisements because of its rich colours (eye catchy), likeable background music & lyric (easy to hum) and short story/event (easy to remember).

The below advertisement is recent Lufthansa Airlines (German based) advertisement about their deep understanding of every country culture where they are flying. 

In this advertisement one elder person explains to his grandchild about his opinion on Germans and their food. But actually, young boy learnt that Lufthansa attendants wished him in Indian way and served Indian food to express their Indian cultural understanding.

Abhinav asked me “What they are selling?”
I replied him “How you know that they are selling something?”
Abhinav said “I know; Daddy”.
I answered him that they are advertising for Flight tickets to book in their flights.
He nodded with gesture of accepting answer.

I, Priya and My mummy were so happy about “Abhinav understanding on Advertisement which is meant for selling something“.