Monday, December 8, 2014

Drumstick Leave Adai and Magnet

I understand your surprise on the title which is bringing relation between two unrelated objects. Kids really derive relations from anything because their basics are very strong (if provided rightly). Abhinav proved the relation between Drumstick Leave and Magnet.

At our Home, we all enjoy Drumstick Leave Adai almost every week because of its Aroma, Taste, health benefits and Ease of availability. It can go with Ghee, Country Sugar and Avial. Sometime I eat just Adai without any side dish.

If I am right, the health benefit of Drumstick Leave Adai is Protein Rich (due to Cereals), Iron rich & Vitamin A (Drumstick Leave). It also helps in cleansing of Stomach.

Abhinav used to help his mother for plucking Drumstick leave from Drumstick tree in our street. Priya educated him by telling the health benefits.

Image Courtesy: Google
It happened that Abhinav took magnets and tried to check the affair of Magnet with his body. We told that it will not get attracted or reflected.

“Abhinav quickly answered I just got Iron from Drumstick Leave Adai, Magnet should get attraction with my Body”.

As usual, I have readymade answer of “Blinking”. We all Laughed and proud because Abhinav just derived relationship between Drumstick Leave Adai and Magnet.