Monday, October 20, 2014

“Madras Eye” & Abhinav

Chennai is experiencing the Power of North East Monsoon which is “On-time” as per MET Dept. Chill weather and Breeze is creating Deep love inside about Chennai climate suddenly. All previous 6 months vengeance on Chennai  turned to soft love spontaneously. Sun is also feeling shy and don’t want to come out of the shades of Dark Clouds.

Yesterday Priya and Abhinav shown symptoms of Conjunctivitis ( Madras Eye or Pink Eye). Both Person eyes were dark pink to reddish. Priya able to sustain and slowly it just vanished to very mild. But Abhinav was not able to Tolerate pain and “frequent mucus out especially after sleep”. In Our days, we used to buy 50 paisa use & throw drop which is available at OTC (over the counter). Yesterday, we visited  child specialist just behind our home and who prescribed Antibiotics and Vitamin A. Roamed around 5 pharmacy shops to get right drops and syrup.

Doctor explained that Conjunctivitis can happen due to Allergy ( dust, Pollen…etc), Bacteria( cause Madras eye / Pink eye, Mucus forming frequently) and virus. Allergy and Virus infection can heal on its own with proper hygiene and occasional cold water cleaning of eyes with proper doctor advice. Bacterial Conjunctivitis needs Diagnosis with Antibiotics. In all cases, the Healing time would be from 1 day to 4 days.

Total spending for Doctor consulting and Pharmacy bill is Rs 300. Amazing we were done with 50 paisa. In Future, say in another decade, it may raise to Rs 5000. J J J