Thursday, February 26, 2015

Language Fluency

Yesterday, Me, Priya and Abhinav had a long time at play ground. Abhinav had lot of company ( 6 Kids of Different age)  to play Foot ball, Ring Throw & Catch, Running Race, Blind Game and Shuttlecock. Atlast, All are tired and Abhinav did not want to leave ground.

We decided to play English word game Since all kids were tired and exhausted. First Person has to say English word and Second person says English word which starts with last letter of First Person English word and it  goes on as circular.

Courtesy: google

There are Two Kids who are in their High School ( 6th Standrd)  studying in Tamil Medium. They struggled lot to speak a word in English. Even When i was in 6th Standard, I would have also in same state. But i thought, Chennai vs Village will make sense in Teaching and Exposure. But it is same and few Govt School Teachers are spending 99% of their time for "Non Teaching Activities" which creates big impact on quality education.

But Abhinav is very good in that game but we need to help him with by telling last letter of his own word. :)