Monday, February 16, 2015

L&T Annual Sports Day

Abhinav and Priya Participated in L&T Annual Sports day 2015. Few Interesting Moments

1. Kids events were well planned but the event instructor guides kids in English. But each kids speaks their own mother tongue. It was difficult for age group of 5-7. Other Kids able to follow English.

2. Abhinav imitated like frog in frog race but he was not able to control his nerve during Target line and started running to touch the line. So he was disqualified.

3. Abhinav participated in 30M running race in bare legs. He was running first till 25M and he stopped to see where other runners were. In few seconds, he became 4th. So he lost it.

4. Women employees did not register for Sports event and So sports committee decide to cancel all women's event initially. But they started women's events with Male employee's Wife.

5. Priya Participated in three events and won prize in Two events.

  • 200M running race - Till 125M, Priya was first in running, but small stone took toll on her feet  and she slowed down. She came second at the End. - Won Silver Medal.
  • "Run with Abhinav on her Back" - Little Crazy event. But almost 15 brave mother ran with their kid on their back. Priya Came third and won Bronze Medal.
  • Short put - Priya did great throw but she was afraid of foul ( line cross). So she threw iron ball before a feet from the line. So She scored 6th position. if she would have thrown exactly, She would be first. Better luck next time.
6. As a finishing touch, "Silambattam" was organized. It was really great to see such a brave Tamilan Martial Art. They performed " Kai Silambam"  as well as "Regular Silambam". It was thoroughly enjoyable. I got hair rising across my body by thinking of Our ancient Tamil veterans Veeram.

7. Prize distribution was done by Mr. V. Raja - International Hickey Player based from Tamil Nadu distributed . He came along with his sister who is also International Hockey Player.

Few Pictures:
Abhinav & Akshaya with Medals


All Participants (5-7) age group

Abhinav won Second in " Ball Pick & Place"

Priya Trying Short Put - see the distance from Line.