Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pythagoras Theorem

Abhinav's Favourite in chess is Queen, but he likes "Knight: very much. I asked him "why?". He didn't answer me. My guess is your guess. Our House ( rented) has tile flooring of 1.5mx1.5m sized creamy white tiles. 

Abhinav practised few chess movements on tile by asking me and Priya on other tiles ( like Harry Potter Movie). While doing this, He might observed few things about distance and movement.

Abhinav asked me " Why the Distance is very more if we go to Destination tile by following Blue and Green indicated path?

Courtesy: Wikipedia

(Red, Green and Blue paths are drawn by me to explain better way)

He also asked me " Is the distance same if i go to destination tile by following Red path and Blue Path?"

Me and Priya were stunned to react to this situation. This is what famous Greek "Pythagoras of Samos" Theorem. He belonged to 6th Century BC.

I tried to explain him about Pythagoras Theorem. But Abhinav is not interested to pay attention for my explanation. But he has attitude of asking right question on the subject. It was another proud moment for me and Priya.