Thursday, February 5, 2015

First Kolam (கோலம்)

Kolams are thought to bring prosperity to homes. Every morning, millions of women draw kolams on the ground with white rice flour. Through the day, the drawings get walked on, washed out in the rain, or blown around in the wind; new ones are made the next day. Every morning before sunrise, the floor of the owners house, or where ever the Kolam may be, is cleaned with water and the muddy floor swept well to create an even surface. 

Eventually rice Flour Kolam acts as food for Ants and other Insects.  Now a Days, Rice Flour is replaced by Chalk powder in most of the places due to various reasons. 

Ok. Long Story short. Abhinav tried his hand majic. His hand motoring skills did not help much on curvatures. But his eagerness made good one.

Courtesy: Abhinav 

Courtesy: Abhinav