Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Is Mosquito Wild animal?

Abhinav has in his mind as " Wild animals are meat eaters / blood drinkers / human attackers". It looks like His School / Me / Priya projected wild animal concept in this manner.

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So he asked me couple of days before " Is Mosquito Wild Animal?"

I replied him that why are you asking?

Because it drinks our blood.

I said "NO".

Then, "Is it wild Insect?"

I was blinking again. New Concept " Wild Insect" coined by Abhinav. Another Proud Moment.

Courtesy: Google

What is the difference between Wild and Domestic Animals?
·       Wild animals live without direct influence from the human whereas domestic animals live under the care of humans.
·       Aggression is higher among wild animals than in domestic animals.
·       Domestic animals are trained to obey the human commands but not the wild animals.
·       The number of wild species is much higher than the domesticated number.
·       Wild animals are pests of agriculture, but domestic animals are friends of agriculture.
·       Domestic animals are useful for various anthropogenic activities but not the wild animals.
·       Anthropogenic activities may be mostly problematic for the wild animals, but domestic animals do not usually get disturbed from those.

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