Monday, June 2, 2014

Kochadaiiyaan: The Legend

Ujjalya = Kochadaiiyaan:

First of all i just amused about the Numerology / Nameology behind Kochadaiiyaan title and Little worried. Saw the Movie and i thought of pen down my thoughts about it. Me and My friends had Big arguments about the movie due to mixed views from each person. Abhinav called the movie as "Ujjalya". May be the original nameology based name is so tough to pronounce, he made the name as simple for him to spell it out.

Below are the views from my friends and my comments in Red:
1. 3D and Graphics quality is not at all good : Very first movie in Indian cinema, so it would be experimental on commercial front though it is Rajini or somebody. $21M is total Budget where as Ice age @ $95M, Life of Pi @ $120M, Tin tin @ @130M cant be comparable. Kochadaiiyaan is just one fifth budget of Tin Tin, hence the Quality also. Upon Kochadaiiyaan success, Future projects will be lined -up.
2. Actor faces are not at all at par with original faces : Since we have been watching the Movie based on Original Actor's faces, it cant match real one with available budget. But still, the rest of character faces are little poor than Rajini, deepika and Nagesh.
3. No children based contents : this is very true. If 10 minutes of children based content, it would have been great pull for Kids crowd.
4. It does not meet the expectations : Expecting international quality is genuine; since Life of Pi, x - Men...etc graphics work were done at Chennai and Hyderabad. but Budget again plays a Role along with Director's Touch. Kochadaiiyaan Director is debut.
5. Very lengthy : True, Second half songs would have been edited to reduce the length. But it is still Musical treat from A.R.Rahman
Positive side
6. Storyline and Script is very good : KS Ravikumar done a wonderful job again. Perfect blend of Sentiment, Story, Action..etc
7. Back ground Music is too good : BG Music is another great HIT for the Movie. ARR done wonderful job too
8. Nice ending with Twist : Expecting Part -2 Director Madam

But Overall, I would rate Good.