Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Understanding Investments

Online Course:

In below link, they are offering free online course about Basics of Investments. The course is really good those are not aware of Mutual fund, bond, Stock, Equity, Risks involved, Returns ….etc on fundamentals. If you are interested you can join and participate in the course; finally they may present Certificate of Participation.
It comes with Zero cost but it takes your time and efforts on study. Good to start with those are interested to take dip in financial ocean. You can spread to your friends also….

Three Days only left from today

Link for Registeration

(copy and pasted from Course link)
Key Content
The course will focus on the following learning objectives:
• Learn the role of financial institutions (Banks, Brokers, and Exchanges) in your personal investments
• Understand fundamentally how debt and equity are different and when to prefer one over other
• Uncover how risk and return are correlated, and how can you take knowledgeable investment decisions

About the course
This course aims to help you understand and navigate through the maze of various investment options. The 3 week intense online course focuses on understanding various financial instruments. In this course, we will discuss two methods for understanding risk and reward. The first comes from academic finance and is called capital asset pricing. The second one, a practitioner’s view, is the antithesis of capital asset pricing, and advocates coming up with an intrinsic appraisal of the value of the instrument and then purchasing it only when it is available at a significant discount to this appraisal.
We will cover the following topics in the three week online course with LIVE web sessions :
• Financial institutions and their roles
• Debt & Equity; bonds and stock
• Mutual Funds (Dividend & Growth)
• Risk return correlation
• Capital Asset Pricing