Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Great Great Grand Parents are doing now?

Great Grand Parents:

Abhinav and Priya's Conversation excerpts- Happened Yesterday.

Abhinav has been asking many questions about Aging and Dying after his prolonged time spending with Great Grand parents at Andipatti (my grandma) & Gobi (Priya's Grandma). Since both Great grand parents are Female, He even questioned Why Girls are becoming like them after aged and started crying that " Priya also become one day". Because, On his observation, Both my grandma and Priya's grandma are having hand shivering, wrinkled skin, very thin body. Especially my grandma is 80% of time bedridden.

Yesterday, All of sudden Abhinav Asked Priya " Where is grand parents of Great grand parent?".
Priya managed to answer that " they are all with God now".
Abhinav again asked " what they are doing over there?"
Priya told "They are all watching us from there !!"
Abhinav replied " if they can see us, why not us?"

Priya Blinked, laughed and changed the Topic.