Saturday, June 7, 2014

Red Light and Telephone Tower

Why do Telephone Tower has Red Light?

Abhinav and Me were preparing for Evening Walk and Play at park. While walking, he Questioned me " Why Telephone Tower has Red Light?"
I answered him that " Airplane and Helicopter must know the Tower and its height for not hitting them; Especially near Airports, Military and Air Force Area, Low flying zones should have this Red light"

Abhinav quickly asked " Why not Blue, Yellow?"
Though he may not understand the Physics about color and Wavelength, I still explained him. Red color has longer wavelength and scattering property is less compared to other colors. So it is easy for Pilots or whoever wants to see it even during foggy day. remaining colors get scattered by fog and Mist.

Interesting part is " After Play @ park, He questioned Priya for her knowhow about Red light on Tower?".

I am so happy for his understanding and asking right questions.