Monday, August 1, 2016


As a Parent, we planned to give extra curricular activities to Abhinav but not before the Age of 5. It would be stress to him both physically and mentally. Thus, we decided to give all coaching class after his 5th Birthday. We also decided that “No more study oriented courses” because he is already spending most of his time in school. As per all this conditions and his wish list, we put him in Swimming Academy. It happened that Academy also newly started in our area.
It was a Yearly membership (Rs 6000) which includes coaching of all styles and Daily access to Pool except holidays. Abhinav was little fearful in first 5 days and he started enjoying with Pool ring and also 3 feet depth pool side. But it was short-lived; coach put him without ring and in 7 feet depth and he started getting his fear factor and he used to cry through out training session. Almost it happened for 2 months.
During that time, we skipped few classes due to his wish and our unplanned things. Chennai Flood also accounted 2 month break in his swimming class.But he started enjoying his swimming after few days of particular stroke. Abhinav is fast learner and he is good teacher too.
He learnt Breast Stroke, Free Style, Back Stroke and Butterfly stroke. Now he is not even coming out of pool and he make us wait every week. Abhinav also has reservations on certain coach. He likes Naveen Master most, he dislikes Siva Master most. But almost all coaches are friendly.
Abhinav shown his swimming skills in two places viz. Souparnika river, Mookambikai Temple and Kumbakarai Falls. He swam without any hesitation and he displayed his fearless swimming strokes.