Friday, August 19, 2016

Short Chidambaram Trip - Divine Blessing

Thanks to Independence day for falling on Monday. We got long weekend (3 days) for planning mini tour. Priya and myself very much interested to go Chidambaram Natarajar Temple for very long time. The day comes and fortunately our Tatkal booking also went through well. Googled to see the nearest Temple of Chidambaram and got plenty around. Finally we selected to go Vaideeswaran Temple ( Mars Temple) and Thiruvengadu Temple (Mercury Temple). 

We started from Chennai Egmore Station in Trichy express at 815AM. Uber helped to reach Egmore on time with least price. Priya packed delicious breakfast and we all enjoyed it on the go. Reached Chidambaram around 115PM and took Auto ricksaw for our Hotel Nataraja Residency. We booked Deluxe AC room via Stayzilla ( 30% while booking and 70% at hotel payment). Took Lunch and had a good nap. Hotel is near to Junction at which major buses stops. We boarded in Private bus which stopped in front of South entrance of Vaideeswaran Temple in 45 minutes. We had Good Darshan and amazed on Temple Statues and Water management. Two Statues are very different and we never seen those in any of the Temple.
Then we took bus to reach Sirkali for catching bus to Thiruvenkadu. Since the First bus was fully packed and we boarded in second bus. The bus headed for Poombukar ( Lost city due to Tsunami in olden days) and we got down at thiruvenkadu infront of Temple Entrance. God Suvedharanyeswarar and Brahmma Vidaymbal blessed and we got good darshan of Lord Mercury. I felt happy that my number skill may improve further.Took bus to reach Sirkali and had dinner in Sirkali Brahmin Hotel. Reached Chidambaram around 930PM and we were drenched in Rain while getting down from bus. 
We had good sleep and thanks to Bluestar 2ton Ac Sleep mode option. We planned to go Chidambaram Natarajar Temple by 6AM. But with all delays , we touched the feet of Lord almighty Temple by 730AM. We came out by 11AM. It was wonderful to be there and enjoy the feel of God presence and Ancient People skills and talents. Chidambaram Natraja Perumal Temple is Aagaya Sthalam ( Sky out of Five Elements). Mukuruni Vinayagar, Subramniyar, Sivakami sundari ambal, Siva Ganga Pond, Urthava Thandavar Shrine, Samhara Murthy Shrine and a Govindaraja Peruma Temple ( one of the 108 thirupathy, padal petra Sthalam) Lord Natrajar are treat to our Eyes and Feast to our Heart. Loved the Temple Statues fine ness and not able to go away from that place. 
Also in Prahar, We can see Dance poses on 1000 pillar mandapam. It was fantastic and Artist must be given Highest price on earth. It is must see place for all Hindus and Architect Lovers. 
Checked out Hotel at 12PM and reached station by Auto. Boarded train by 130PM and reached Home by 7PM. What A Fantastic Trip.