Saturday, August 6, 2016

Divinely Questions

When i was showing Dasavatharam sculptures in Mangadu Temple, He was asking about all avatars and i briefed him in two lines.
  • He asked about  Varaha avatar? 
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I said that  Lord Vishnu's third avatar  who rescued Earth (Bhooma Devi) from Demon.
Demon Hiranyaksha Stole the Earth and hid in Ocean. God Vishnu appeared as Lord Varaha who is in the form of Boar. Lord Varaha slwe the demon and reterived Earth and Lifted her in his tusks and restored Bhooma Devi in her place in Universe.
Abhinav quickly asked me, where Demon hid the Earth? where the Fight between Lord varaha and Demon happened?
if it is not in Earth, then Where?
That means, We have water in Universe other than Earth !!!!!
Abhinav made interesting question. 
  • He asked about Kalaki Avatar?
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I said that Kalki avatar is tenth avatar of God vishnu and he will appear at the end of Kali Yuga. He rides on White Horse with Sword.
Abhinav asked me, Whether horse will not extinct till the end of Kali Yuga? 
I said " I don't know and God has all the powers to make/destroy".
Abhinav is not convinced about Last Avatar and details i gave. 
(It is true because i am also having limited memory on the subject)