Friday, August 5, 2016

Relation between Alcohol and Alchemist

Movies and TV Serials are carrying "warning" messages against Liquor drinking and Smoking. Actually it is good idea to have it (misusing by giving in small font, such a way it will be unnoticed). It provides awareness to all non drinkers, non smokers and warning bell to smokers and drinkers.
Abhinav knew that Smoking damages lungs and it even kills it by giving Cancer, TB....such a dangerous diseases. But he started asking " What they are drinking?". the conversations as goes below.
Abhinav:  What they are drinking ? 
Me: They are drinking  "Cool Drinks".
Abhinav: Then, why they are showing warning messages?
Me: It is Alcohol, not an ordinary cool drinks. Alcohol drinking is dangerous to Health.
Abhinav: What will happen?
Me: It spoils Liver and Kidney. People will die if both parts failed.

Courtesy: Google

Abhinav: How they are making alcohol?
Me: They are making from Fruits, some Cereals / Grains...etc.
Abhinav: Those are good for Human. How it becomes Alcohol?
Me: They keep those and let it rot over a time ( I assumed that he may not understand fermentation process). Then it becomes Alcohol.
Abhinav: I knew it  Daddy....Because in Alchemist app, Fruits + Time is called Alcohol. 

He seems convinced that "Alcohol is dangerous for health".