Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Friends Get Together - Part 2

Fiends Get Together Continuation ( Part 1 - click here)

Arignar Anna Zoological Park on 5 Jan 2014:

after Meet, below is the email content.

Ramesh Babu, Priyadarshini, Sadhana
Subburaj, Gandhimathi, Hariis
Syed, Mrs. Syed, Mohamad
Boss, Mrs.Boss, Rittique keshav
Karthik, Priya, Abhinav

Enjoyed Zoological Park. All animals are scared to see us bcos we rocked.
Travel Sponsor:   Syed
Food Sponsor:     Babu
My family and Subbu family missed Lion safari due to Both our better halves were damn tired. Subbu wife- 6 month carrying. Priya and Abhinav to start for the school at 745am. So we missed it.
Syed gave us imported Perfumes ( from france, USA..etc)

Harris, Abhinav and Mohamad are real partners…enjoyed together.
Sadhana and Keshave are partners…..

We had fun time. 

@ Food Court
Playful Harris and Subbu
Three Killadi
during farewell

At Train.
Thats it ! Mohamed

 Guindy National Park on March 1, 2015:

Sundar Family
Ramkumar Family
Vignesh Kanna Family
Karthikraja Family

Vignesh was very Puntual, then Ram , me and Last Sundar joined. I was mostly with Prihath Kantha who is very calm and quite. Abhinav, Grahesh, Anirudh and Shashank had a real funtime. They played with Deer and feeding them. Sundar came with mini snack shop. Prihath was so eager to climb the rope one. Abhinav punctured his pants with nail on the pole. Anirudh was so careful with animals. we all had good sweets and soft drinks. Vicky got us dates and choclates & Deep Heat Ointment. Abhinav gave to all kutties a small gift ( Crayons and Lollipop).

For lunch, we went to Dimora Restaurant and had Good food. All kutties are making soooper noise and dictating the Hotel environment.  Few photographs.

With Prihath
Feeding Deers
Ani, Abhi and Aditya

@ Dimora Resturant

Selfie stars
Better Halves
Big Selfie