Monday, March 30, 2015

Friends Get Together

We started Get Together arrangement  post college in one common location where most of them can join and have fun. It happened few years before and almost we were Bachelors and Participated for True Relationship and remembering colourful memories.
The Real Happiness
@ Mayajaal

@ Cricket Field
@ Lunch
 Last Get together was @ Mayajal on 1st January 2008. If my memory serves rightly, we were 22 members and contributed Rs 950 per head which included welcome drink, bowling, karting, all Indoor games, High Tea & snacks. It was really great fun. Afterwards, there were small get together with friends as accidental and planned. But those were not exactly like first one.

Again in Chennai @ Amir House on Sep 22, 2013:
We had another Get together at Amir's Home in 2013. We were 5 Families ( Amir, Sundar, Ramesh, Arun Prasad, Padmanarayanan and Myself). Except me and AP, all are present with their Full Family. Amir wife and RB wife prepared Varieties of Veg and Non Veg food. We had a Gala time after very very long time. Saadhvin, Abhinav, Grahesh and Sadhana had fun time.
Kids were really enjoyed all Saadhvin Toys and Cars movie @ TV. Bedroom AC was running continuously and we were pulling each person legs by cracking old jokes.
Email Shared right after next day of get together:

·        Almost all famous  Anjappar Recipes  @ house ( Courtesy: Lalitha Amirdharaja). Fish fry was so good because It is pomfret.
·        Amir guided all incoming since it was located little inner though it is part of Chennai corporation
·        Amir Family, Sundar Family, Babu Family, Padhu family, AP, Me& Abhinav were present
·        Sundar family joined little later because of sudden Movie booking by his wife office colleagues
·        We had two time “Pandhi” due to easeness and hungerness
·        Everbody had Fantastic and delicious Meal Except babu. ( Babu was fasting yesterday for ………..)
·        Bluestar was running continuously from morning. It shown its reliability
·        Sadhvin's Toys were enjoyed by Grahesh, Abhinav and Sadhana.  Age figures are approximate to make commonness of 0.5. Abhinav and Grahesh were fighting and we had a fun time of panchayat..especially Grahesh mom. Me and Padhu were enjoying in sidelines. Sadhana was so cute and she is happy to see all naughtiness of her brothers
o   Sadhana               -              0.5 old
o   Sadhvin-                              1.5 old
o   Grahesh-                              2.5 old
o   Abhinav-                              3.5 old
·        After a superb meal, few families had Phoenix mall visit.

At My House on Oct 19, 2013:
Again we planned @ Oct 2013 at my house. Below is the mail copy after our meet.
·        Pandi Arrived 11am. Tamil Iniya and her mother had a tough time on Chennai’s weather.
·        Boss came with family on 1145 am. Rittiq Keshav is so active and he is just opposite of (old) boss.
·        Padma Narayanan came from Office. Thx to L&T for such a long lunch break.
·        Amir came with family around 1pm. His parents were at home, made the little delay.
·        Abhinav, Nishant, Rittiq and sadvin had a sportive race on securing their toys. Nishant had a upper hand. Sadvin is quite after seeing them. But rittiq is just an explorer and had a great fun of exploring the house. He smiles rarely but so good with his smile.
·        Tamil Iniys is so cute and she is calm and quiet.
·        Had Lunch around 130pm. (Sprout, Potato kootu, Appalam, Sweet, Briyani, Rasam , white rice, Curd, Raitha).Padma left since office called him.
·        Subbu came around 230pm; Subbu wife had a checkup at hospital which made little delay. And they had a lunch. Harris took upper hand now and everybody gave up on Harris way of work.
·        Chilled at room and made fun. Had a call with Ravi, smitha and Raja kumar. 
·        Spend some time at outside of the house. Pandi became train engine and all kids followed him. Abhinav synched with pandi very much.
·        BSA Flora cycle in competition for all kids. They had fun with one round for each. Road was very new and kids had   good ride.
·        Had Tea.
·        Sadvin was feeling sleepy and He became adamant for getting cycle. and it made amir to go home.
·        Boss also refreshed and started.
·        Subbu also started after a long fight between him and Harris for bicycle. He shown his full energy. Priya was surprised to see harris anger.
·        Me, pandi, nishant and Abhinav went to park. they enjoyed.

PS: It was very big achievement for Priya. I took leave ( first time in L&T…) for assisting her though I contributed very little. She never cooked for large audience and it is first time. Thanks to Boss wife, she helped a lot for Priya. Priya was telling atleast three times that night. In between, My brother also shown up with up any notice with his friend; we sent him to hotel for dinner. We need to appreciate Amir wife , because she took such a burden of cooking Non Veg. Wow, she is really hard working and she might be having good patience. Right pair for amir.

I have only this much photos, remaining all videos da.