Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Shimla - Manali Trip -Part 3

Continuation of Simla-Manali Trip. (Part 1, Part 2)
Day 2:
We headed to Naldhera after our Lunch. Abhinav started complaining about roti's getting habitual. We had Horse Ride in Naldhera with few scenic view points, Crossing beautiful green Golf stadium, Far away road in Himalyas, Also said to be chin border behind the Hill and few temples. this horse Ride was completely different from Kufri one. This one was felt extremely safe and Horses are in very good condition & charges also less (Rs 780).
My Queen Priya and Prince Abhinav
@ Naldhera, Shimla

Shimla Apple Orchids
  On the way, we have seen Many Apple Orchids which are having only skeleton. Due to Non Season, the Apple Trees are like it is growing in drought / dessert. All Orchids are guarded by Trained Dogs. We stopped for medical Shop to buy Anti Vomiting tablets, Strepsils, Lipcare...etc for tomorrows ride for Kullu & Manali. Priya has Cough continuously through out the Tour whereas Abhinav recovered from it. Had Dinner at Hotel Kapil and Slept peacefully. 

Day 3:
Checked out Hotel Kapil with very tasty Break Fast and Hot Masala Tea. Headed To Manali with plan of Rafting at Kullu and Shopping at Babeli. The Road was really messy in half of the path. But We enjoyed Pandoh Dam, Aut Tunnel and Beautiful Beas River chasing all the way. Stopped for Lunch near Mandi and had Roti & Dal. On the way we worshipped Hanogi Mata and Headed to Kullu Rafting. Time was around 4PM and paid for Private Raft with a Guide ( No Sharing). We Paid Rs 2500 for 6Km Stretch on Private Raft.
3Km, Aut Tunnel
Pandoh Dam
Beas River and Dam Reservior in BG
Hanogi Mata Temple

Taller Than Mountain

At Kullu Rafti Point (Jihiri)
Fantastic Maiden Experience

Ready for Rafting
Prize Table for Rafting

My Rafter Told me to dive into Beas River. Though I dont know Swimming, I dived into river where Currents are less. Life-vest is strong enough to float me. During Rafting, We were Drenched fully and synchronized with water temperature. So I could not feel worst during my dive. Rafting Complex has well maintained Change rooms which were very clean and tidy. After changeover, We had Hot Chai and Pani Poori to fight back the Shivering temperature. 
Then We started towards Manali and stopped for Winter cloth Purchasing at Babeli. It was expensive even after discount. My wife was impressed with Pakshmina, the original one was costing around Rs 8000 and above. After seeing Pakshmina, she wanted only it and she can wait for it also. We bought woollen cap, Shawls, Sweater for Abhinav, Gloves...etc for worth of Rs 4000. Later reached Manali around 8PM. Checked in at Snow Valley Reort and accommodated at Presidential Suite. Room was good and clean. Rest room is really pathetic design. Had good dinner and Slept like " there is no tomorrow". Room Heater comforted us.

Part 4 will be continued.