Monday, January 5, 2015

Which is More Important?

I used to educate Abhinav about the importance of Environment whenever I am having the Opportunity. Abhinav knows about the Importance of Trees, Impact of Plastics, Water conservation and Electricity savings.

In Puthiya Thalaimurai, they are doing fantastic job on " Water Conservation". Though, we are not following it regularly, but we used to see almost 60% of episodes due to peak broadcast time. I was just decoding the TV message to Abhinav that  " Water has 70% of total earth; But out of 70%, 3% only non-salt waters; Out of 3%, only 1% is potable water". Remaining all (99%) waters are in the form of Glaciers, Sea, Ocean, moisture and Ice-caps at Poles. So I told him that " we need to do Rain water harvesting and Grow more Trees".

He understood the essence of it. He quickly asked me "
Then Why we are having doors, Cots and Windows in wood ???"

future at?

That's real tricky question to answer it; Because Wood is like Fast Moving Consumer Product based on last 10 years growth in Housing and New Industry. We are just consuming Trees in the form of " Timer for House & Other Building construction, for rural Cooking, Paper...etc.

Abhinav's contribution to Environment 
when he was 2 years old at Tiny Tots Play group, Pune  & Inorbit Mall, Pune.
@ Inorbit Mall, Pune
With another contestant

@ Tiny Tots Play Group, Pune