Monday, January 5, 2015

Find My Mobile

I received one email this morning  from my dearest friend who is placed in Bangalore ( India's Silicon Valley). All young Generations are having smart phone with 3G/2G data connectivity ( atleast almost); So does my friend who is having Samsung Smartphone. He lost his mobile and he sent me an email for not to contact.
I just thought myself " what I will do if I loose Mobile?". Since I am having Samsung Mobile, I just want to tell you about " Samsung's inbuilt Locate my Device".

I hope there are many options available to trace. The below information will provide you the Samsung inbuilt Find My Mobile option.

1. Signup for Samsung Account

Link for Signup:

Samsung Account Signup and Login Page

2. After Successful Signup and Account Verification, You can use the below link for " Find my Mobile"

Link for Find my Mobile:

Find My Mobile Login Page
3. Please login with your Samsung Account Details, you will be landing below page ( ofcourse with your email on top right and your mobile brand & No).
After Login
4. You can have below features and access ( with acceptance of so many agreements with Samsung)

  • Locate my Device
  • Ring My Device
  • Enable Emergency Mode
  • Lock my screen
  • Unlock my screen
  • Wipe my Device
  • Call Logs
  • Manage my guardians
5. You also set your phone to avail the above service

Hope this will help atleast as a first step. You can enable Sim change alert in your mobile as a additional security.