Thursday, January 8, 2015

Don't Want "O+ve" Blood !!!

As most of the readers aware, Kids have the Pointer in their brain  and they resume exactly in the morning what they paused before sleep. They also resume exactly when they pause some thinking for some reasons. 
I am not sure about the Medical Fact; but i heard from My friends, Relatives and Colleagues Kids behave in a similar way. Abhinav also No exceptional to do similar Pause and Play in between his Sleep. Probably we will also fall under the same category without our conscious knowledge.
Today Morning, the conversation as goes below right after he woke up whereas i was still on bed with half sleep.

Abhinav: Daddy, Why Dinesh Identity card does not have anything about his Blood like i am having Blood - O+ve? Is that mean " He doe's not have Blood?" 

Me: Ohh. My dear Son. without blood, we cant live. Probably he does not know about his blood group while collecting identity card details.

Abhinav: Ok.Ok. Daddy, " I don't want O+ve Blood any more". I want to have AB+ve.

Me: It is not possible and i quizzed him why?

Abhinav: AB+ve can accept all blood whereas O+ve cant.

Me: You should be Proud enough to Have O+ve because You can donate your Blood to needy peoples. Giving is more important than Taking. Me and Mummy is always available for donating blood to you just in case. So be happy for, you belongs to "Universal Donor Group".

Abhinav: Ok Daddy....

PS: Abhinav is having Encyclopaedia which he picks up randomly and asks questions. I remembered that  i explained him about blood group during Oct/Nov 2014 ( during My Fracture Bed rest days).