Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to Watch Movie in Multiplex almost Free?

Please dont mistake me for such a post.
People tend to watch Good movies in Multiplex for Good ambient, Great screen Clarity and Live sound System. Of course it comes with hole in wallet.
Chennai Multiplex has following mandatory conditions to adhere. Many peoples might be know this.

1. you can walk into any multiplex and buy a movie ticket for Rs 10. These are for seats in the first three rows.
2. For any other ticket, the price ceiling is Rs 120, and hold your breath, it remains the same even on weekends. (Fat Pay cheque guys can book online and pay addl Convenience charge of Rs 30 Per ticket)

I watched Amazing Spider Man - 2(3D) Movie at the cost of Rs.10 last saturday. How?
1. Went to Inox @ chandra Mall, Virugambakkam by Scooter
2. Parked at Indian Overseas Bank which has closed parking during banking hours ( Free). Just opposite to Multiplex.
3. Bought Rs 10 Ticket ( since movie released 10 days before, 80% of capacity is non occupied at all). so seating is very random, not index based. ( Ticket counter persons force you to buy Combos for Rs 10 ticket. but simply ignore it)
4. Enjoyed the movie with Sooper 3D effect.

If you have Patience to delay your Favorite Movie or Kill you lonely time in good ambient, you can proceed like above. it happened accidentally during Gravity movie, But i made this incidentally for Spider Man 2 movie.

PS: it is applicable only in Chennai. Bangalore does not have ceiling on Movie ticket price, sometime you need to pay Rs 400 per ticket for weekends.