Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Abhinav Thoughts

Driverless Car:

Me, Priya and Abhinav were travelling to one of the relative's House. Me and Priya talked about Traffic and Driver's stress due to indiscipline driving. Abhinav was behind me for Hot-Wheels car during that time. After hearing our conversation, Abhinav suddenly told us that " After i grew up, there won't be driver in any of the Vehicles, it just goes wherever you want to go". So no worries on driving part. Me and Priya Surprised to hear and Priya immediately nodded approval for his Hot Wheels car.
Some cartoon or our conversation might be trigger for his innovative thought. We were very happy for his thought process and innovation.

Who is Our Prime Minister?

Yesterday, while watching News @ NDTV, I told Abhinav that " Shri.Narendra Modi is our New Prime Minister". Abhinav refused and told me, "Manmohan singh (MMS) is our Prime Minister". The i educated him and insisted MMS resigned as our Prime Minister. Abhinav quickly replied " Which country Prime Minister is MMS at present?".

PS: He thought Prime Ministry as Job, Prime Minister as Employee; So they always be as Prime minister. Actually yes. Logically No.