Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Anybody know Gumber?

Plumber Vs Gumber

Somehow Aathisudi is not continued as bedtime story replacement for Abhinav. I certainly will do after he returns from summer vacation. Yesterday, Priya was teaching Abhinav about Person, Duties and their Tools. He knew already most of it.
Conversation as Follows

Priya: People who installs and service water Pipe, Drainage Pipe...etc called Plumber. Example: Our Shower, Wash basin pipe...etc
Abhinav: Hmm.
Priya: People who does to cut, shape and fix Wood (timber)...etc called Carpenter. Example: our Window, Door...etc
Abhinav: Hmm.
Priya: Who will have Scissor as their tools?
Abhinav: In no time, he replied Barber and Tailor.
Priya: People who does construction by Brick and Cement called " Mason". Example: Our House also Built by Mason.
Abhinav: Our house is built by house owner....ha ha ha..
Priya: Trying to Educate him about House Owner hired Masons...but Abhinav simply ignored it...
Abhinav: If our AC (Air Conditioner) broke down in two pieces, Who will fix it?
Priya: Technician
Abhinav: No Mummy. Gumber will fix. He will have Gum (Glue). he will join Two Pieces by using Gum (Glue). So Gumber Fixes Air Conditioner.

Me and Priya started laughing along with Abhinav.