Monday, April 7, 2014

Is it Fruit or Vegetable?

Coconut Dilemma

Abhinav is Enjoying his summer Vacation in Aundipatti. He is spending his most of time outside house though Sun is scorching. He has many friends from neighbours, he gelled very good with them and enjoying his fun time. He is debating with his Grandma about coconut day before yesterday.

Abhinav: Coconut water is so tasty.
My Mummy: It is good for health also.
Abhinav: Is coconut Fruit or Vegetable?
My Mummy: It is Fruit.
Abhinav: Not Convinced. Is it?
My Mummy: Yes Abhinav.

PS: In ChinnaKounder Movie, Senthil try to Tease Koudamnai for "Thengai is Ripe or Raw". Abhinav got his doubt now.

PPS: Scientifically, Coconut is Drupe ( kind of Fruit).