Thursday, January 7, 2016

Munnar Trip - Part 1

Recently, We went on vacation. It is necessary because we were highly stressed due to Chennai floods and impact on Normal life. Mother Nature made top up on ground water but at the cost of many lives and livelihood. as per Today's TOI, Groundwater of Chennai rise to 30ft.

Out of many choices, we selected Munnar as our Holiday Destination. It is really a contra because of going to hill station during winter. 

Munnar is just 90 km away from my hometown and we did pit stop at home town and enjoyed two meals by mom. 

It is really Fantastic, adventurous and adrenaline pumped travel from Theni to Munnar.Mahindra and it is surrounded by Tata Tea Estate.

Lots of Hair pin bend, narrow road and deep valley all together make this journey as highly thrilling one. But it is scenic drive and we can see the natures play.

Since we booked at Sterling Resorts, we got down at Power house and took local car to reach Terrace Green Resort. Resort is just next to Club

Day 1: Checked in around 5PM and took complete rest. evening we had pleasant walk and played with Remote control Helicopter. Due to some light disturbance, chopper fell out of campus at 20 feet deep. With help of Security guard, we got it back. it is really isolated area and snake possibility was there. But security guard was brave enough. Big thanks to him. Had amazing food. Abhinav enjoyed watching over all options.

Day 2: We booked Local Sight seeing via cleartrip - activities. Rs 1400 worth activity at price of Rs 650 ( 50% discount from clear trip and 20% from Paytm). Driver was exactly on time. we saw following spots during first day. since it was peak time, we hit traffic often and we did not give up our fun even at traffic time. 

1. Power House Water Falls - ( on the way to Munnar, Just for Photo shot only. If they allowed to take bath, it would be fun. Since it is meant for Drinking, it is isolated)

2. Lock Heart View Point - Scenic View

3. Rock Cave - it is said to be thief cave (malaikallan kughai)

4. Lockhart Estate of Harrison Malayalam

5. Tea Museum by Kannan Devan of Tata - Must see Museum which has good collection of very old things such as Big Calculators, type writers, Wooden bath tub, telephone exchange....etc, they also showcase the 30 minute video documentary of " How Munnar Hills wore Tea cloth ?". they also has Model Tea factory with Process explanation. Discounted tea outlet and Tea sipping.

6. Rose Garden - It has good collection of many flowers and Flora is really great. Must see place. Abhinav and Priya enjoyed this place. it also has washroom and small shop.

7. Photo Point - People can stop here for photo shot. Professional photographers are available and they also provide Tea plucker costume.

8. Honey Bee Tree - It is just on the way stop and we can see many bee hives in a single tree.

9. Mattupatty Dam - It is Indo swiss Project and the ride on the bridge is really great. Speed Boat and Elephant safari is available at this place. Kids can enjoy it.

10. Echo Point - We had Lunch at one hotel. As they displayed , it tastes as Home food only. Boating was closed due to waves on water. it creates a super Echo only when the decibel level is higher. One person shouting will not create echo. But mass shouting, creates echo.

11. Kundala Lake - Must see place. It is artificially created lake and small dam kind of opening. Pedal boating was very much enjoyable and reasonable compares to Speed boat.

12. Top Station - must see place for very scenic views and cloud kissing place.
returned to Resort around 640PM. Had sooper food and great sleep.

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Few  Pictures