Thursday, January 14, 2016

Abhinav was Right

We went Kundratur Murugan Temple on New years eve for Prosperity and Peace world. We also went next week also as continuation. Hopefully, we can love more than what we are now. Lets reduce Hot head reactions, celebrate each occasion and live the moment. Lord Murugan was decorated with Gold shield on new years eve and Silver shield on next week. 
Few events happened at Temple and  they are mind boggling and awe struck. 

Event 1:
Background: Lord Murugan Temple, Kundratur 
During New years eve, the rush was very high. There were three queues orgaized by temple
department viz General Darshan, Rs 20 paid Darshan and Rs 50 paid Darshan. We went via General darshan and had blessed darshan with in 30 minutes (because i am not favor of paid darshan, still i follow in some temple to avoid extraordinary queues). In after week visit, Queue arrangments was there but Temple department allowed all people in Rs 50 paid darshan queue due to very low footfall. I entered first and Abhinav raised his voice " Daddy ! without ticket you are entering to paid darshan queue". Children always follow it. Then i explained him about relaxation of rules.

Event 2:
Lord Siva Parvathy Ganesha
While driving back to house, few cows crossed roads and we waited for few seconds to pass by. it looks like , " Abhinav assumed that those were Bulls". and he started asking, that Where is Lord Siva? His vehicle bull is one road, i cant see Lord Siva. Priya replied that Lord Siva's bull is at his house; not here. Abhinav quickly told her that Lord Siva is " Paramborul" and he is available all the places. So he should be somewhere else here and i cant see.

Me and Priya was touched by his words and wisdom. Really Spirtual world created lot of answers which no one questioned. when somebody asks to normal living people, they are answerless and clueless to react adn they surrender to Atheist. It is really important to find our roots and traditions. Please read " Arthamulla Indumadam by Kavingar Kannadasan".

Event 3:
Usually God faces east in all temples. When Abhinav was playing with direction name at outside
temple, He told one direction as North which is exactly Lord Murugn faces. Without even thinking, I said to Abhinav  " it is a East direction, thats why Lord Muruga faces like any other god in every temple". But Abhinav said again that "It is certainly North".
Priya also backed my statement. But Abhinav reiterated again. 
Then quickly i remembered, Guru Bhagavan always faces South. Based on that Lord Muruga is facing North in Kundratur Temple. Abhinav proved again that " he is Right".