Tuesday, April 21, 2015

O Kadhal Kanmani

Last Saturday, We had a chance to see O Kadhal Kanmani. It was really fun event. Because, it was decided based on lot of Complicated background situations ( i Cant disclose in Public forum). My Family, Mr.Arul Vijay Joshua Family, Mr. Arun PR and Mr. Kishor Kumaar (my office Colleagues) were went to see the OK Kanmani movie which was directed by Great Mani Ratnam. My thought to see that film was to enjoy PC Sriram cinematography and AR Rahman Music.

Courtesy: Google Images
Since it was wekend and decided at very last moment, we did not get ticket in Multiplexes, but we got in Devi Karumari Complex. Theatre was very old junkie building. Theatre has Three screens        (Devi Karumari, Sakthi Karumari & Annai Karumari). We were told as " Annai Karumari is Air Conditioned and Digital Surround system screen". Ofcourse, it was Air Conditioned by Split AC ( not centralized) and DTS system but the hall is not meant for Acoustic. The Seats are not on ramping hence last row people has to optimize the tilt angle of their neck to reach screen view.

Courtesy: Google Image
In my Opinion, the Movie was not good family entertainer. But My Favourite Music Director and  Camera Man did their Job very fantastic, I enjoyed even in the worst screen & sound place. Lead Hero Acted very well. I liked the Climax scene because it was stood with our Culture. 
After Returning home, Abhinav commented that " For next one year, Don't take me to any Loving Movie, it is full of kissing". Five year old boy commented in his style. Me and Priya Laughed.

PS: So lazy to Update Blog. Sorry Friends.