Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Language Ability


At Home, I used to Speak in Telugu with Abhinav because our forefathers spoke Telugu and it became our Mother Tongue. When Abhinav was in Play Group @ Pune, he used to Blabber in Marathi. After we moved to Chennai, we did not Teach Tamil and English at home. He learnt Tamil and English from his School friends and Television. Since Me and Priya speaks only in Tamil, He listen and inherit it sometimes. Like this He learnt three languages ( Not Fluent and but he can manage).

During last week Kutralam Travel, we had few events which is necessary to mention in blog.
Five Falls
Main Falls

We Had Fun by playing Splash & Shower at Main Falls, Old Falls, Tiger Falls and Five Falls.
Also Abhinav enjoyed by eating Ramdhan, Mangustan, Big forest Amla, Thavun and Panambalam.


Abhinav started his questioning, as below.
Break means - stop for a minute
fast means - quickly run

Then why you are telling me Morning Tiffin as "Breakfast". Very Good question. Priya tried educating him of other meaning of Fast and he understood.

Word Game:

At my school time, I learnt English word game. The rule is begin the Word by using last letter of Word told by your adjacent. But we should not use numerals, Name of persons, few more. We did travel Kutralam to Andipatti by Bus which is 170 km or 5hours 30 Minutes by Bus. So Me, Priya and Abhinav started playing this game. You will not believe it , Abhinav withstood up to 80 words / 1.5 hours. 
English Word Game

Me and Priya were so happy to see his vocabulary and he simply used all animals, flowers, Sight Words, Known verb, Country, Plant...etc.