Friday, February 21, 2014


We used to have Evening Walk almost every day. Abhinav used to do cycling whereas we both walk with him, usually it ends with Chats (usually Pani Puri and Hot Soup).
During Walk, He spotted Custom Two wheeler for Handicapped.
Abhinav: Daddy, why this Scooter have extra 2 wheels? why our Hero Pleasure dont have?
Me: I was trying to explain him that when you apply brake while driving Two Wheeler, we have to use Legs for Support. So.....(he did not allow me to complete)

He Observed around the Places and Spotted Differntly abled Person with walking stick in Television repair shop.

Abhinav: I know it daddy. if we have only one leg, then we have to use this Two wheeler. I know, you stop.

Me and Priya felt proud of his observing and reasoning skills.